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The ULTIMATE Anti-Inflammatory Stack for -Health & Longevity -Optimal Gut Health -Mood, Focus, Memory & Cognition -Chronic Pain -Chronic Stress -Autoimmune Conditions (You've Never Heard of These) THREAD

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. The Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory stack is for entertainment and informational purposes only. Always check with your doctor before taking a new supplement.

The goal of this stack is to 1) Provide support to the body's free radical defense system 2) Modulate the immune system so it's not attacking your own cells 3) Lower inflammation in the brain to alleviate brain fog & improve mood, memory, focus & cognition

THE STACK 1) 600 to 1000mg NAC twice per day 2) 240mg to 480mg r-Lipoic Acid twice per day 3) 1000mg Vitamin C Twice per day 4) Tributyrin 300 to 600mg twice per day 5) EPA 1 to 5g twice per day 6) TUDCA 250mg twice per day 7) 1 Tbsp Black Seed Oil twice per day

Bonus: Magnesium Magnesium deficiency guarantees you'll be in a hyperinflammatory state and almost everyone (even people supplementing) isn't getting enough

RAAS dysregulation, excess excitatory signaling, NF-kb activation, insulin resistance, impaired glucose metabolism, elevated phagocytic cells, cardiovascular stress are a just a few issues caused by magnesium deficiency

These all contribute to a hyperinflammatory state aka your immune system attacking and damaging your own cells The right dose of magnesium depends on how deficient you are

Start off by drinking a liter of high mg mineral water per day and consuming 300mg elemental magnesium with each meal and assess from there This should be in addition to the magnesium you take before bed and whatever is in your food

You can titrate up from there and back off if you get nausea, cramping, or diarrhea

Bonus 2: Baby Aspirin 81mg of aspirin, known as baby aspirin, is an anti-inflammatory compound with other great properties 1) Thins blood & lowers clotting risk 2) Reduces colon cancer risk by 50% 3) Reduces other common cancer risks by 40%+ 4) Neuroprotective

Aspirin is by far the most POWERFUL anti-cancer compound you can buy Go to and search "aspirin cancer" and you will be blown away by how much evidence there is & how no one is talking about it

Anyways, back to the stack- let's break down each ingredient to get an idea of what it does and why it's important

1) NAC

NAC, or N-Acetyl Cysteine is a powerful tool for fighting oxidative stress in the body. NAC itself is an anti-oxidant, but the cysteine it provides its also the precursor to Glutathione - the most powerful anti-oxidant in the body

The less oxidative stress we have, the less cellular damage will occur. Cellular damage causes cells to release pro-inflammatory cytokines, which are proteins that activate the immune system This ends up creating a cycle of more cellular damage & more inflammation.

Now that you understand why it's important to protect our body from oxidative stress, let's move on to the next ingredient

2) r-Lipoic Acid

You've probably heard of alpha-lipoic acid, this is the pure r isomer form r-lipoic acid is a powerful anti-oxidant which also potently combats insulin resistance r-lipoic acid quells neuroinflammation & improves lipid metabolism in the liver

3) Vitamin C

I won't bore you with the details of normal Vitamin C intake However, in higher doses Vitamin C is another potent anti-oxidant

4) Tributyrin

Butyric acid is a short chain fatty acid produced by the gut microbiome Higher levels of butyric acid are associated with better gut health It's also an HDAC inhibitor, which makes it a powerful modulator of gene expression

This makes butyric acid a potent anti-cancer compound, potent anti inflammatory - particularly in the liver, and all around a great addition for longevity and anti-aging

If you can't afford tributyrin, you can supplement with sodium butyrate Adjust the dose so that you're still getting at least a gram of butyric acid per day


This is probably the most directly anti-inflammatory compound in the stack, which will also have the most immediate effect on your mood and cognition If you have high cholesterol, you'll want to supplement with EPA only If not, you can do an EPA/DHA combo

EPA is exponentially more potent at quelling neuroinflammation and improving your mood and cognition Whether you supplement with EPA or EPA and DHA, you want to at least get 2 grams of EPA per day If you have the money and doctor approval, give up to 10g per day a shot

The difference between 2g, 5g, and 10g, is night and day You will feel like you took the "limitless pill"

If you enjoy processed foods or eat out, even if it's only 10-20% of your diet You are chronically inflamed from the Omega 6 PUFAs in the seed oils you consume Higher doses of EPA/DHA will displace intracellular Omega 6, decreasing inflammation


TUDCA is a naturally occurring bile acid which is the taurine conjugated form of UDCA This is also an ingredient in my liver health stack Why? It's more effective for improving liver function than the drug they prescribe for liver disease Let that sink in.

TUDCA Benefits: -Drastically increases liver function -Reduces fat in the liver & lipid metabolism -Increases insulin sensitivity -Improves cholesterol -Neuroprotective -Modulates apoptosis -Improves gut microbiome health -Potent antioxidant -Potent antinflammatory

TUDCA is so powerful that while I was taking medication and supplements that were both toxic to the liver, I still had PERFECT liver values Top 1-5% to be exact

Last but not least 7) Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil aka Nigella Sativa Oil, like EPA is something you'll feel immediately The main active ingredient is Thymoquinone and every scientist is completely dumbfounded when researching this compound because It has so many benefits it seems too fucking good to be true

Black seed oil is the ultimate supplement for mood, cognition, and general health & longevity To break down the effects in the brain: - Increases BDNF / neurogenesis - Increases serotonin - Protects neurons - Modulates apoptosis - Clears amyloid beta (prevents Alzheimers)

What this means? Clearheaded, better memory, better mood, learn faster, rect faster and prevent neurodegenerative diseases

Black seed oil is potent modulator of apoptosis in the rest of the body as well - killing damaged cells, which are a causal factor of diseases and inflammation

Black Seed Oil deserves its own thread, so I won't continue but the key take away is: EVERYONE will benefit from this one and will FEEL a difference within a few days

Anyways guys, that's the stack I've used this to resolve my own auto-immune issues as well as dozens of friends & clients This is one of the few stacks that will drastically improve your life and that you will actually "feel" There will be no doubt whether its working

If you found this useful, please help me out I'm being suppressed by the algo and all Like & RTs are greatly appreciated Also feel free to ask questions, I'm happy to help Until next time superhumans รฐยŸย’ยช

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