A key tactic for ideological indoctrination and persuasion more generally is to make a subject think your idea was their own. For a long time the liberal female hs teacher handoff to liberal college professors was at least slightly more delicate and subtle.

Now they’ve thrown tact to the wind, grossly overstepping the bounds of subtlety and are thus getting the opposite effect, in particular from young men. Young people are not innately political, they mostly want to get laid and be accepted + liked (M/F desires, respectively)

Being told what to do or what to think radicalize far more young people than any positive message attracting them to some political side. For decades the scolding bogeyman sold to youth, women especially, was the conservative parents from Dirty Dancing, this pushed them left.

Now, as we increasingly live in a gynocracy, a longhouse schoolmarm-spirited state where a minor virus shuts down society (all fun included) out of caution, and a bad joke is worth ruining your life over, young men increasingly and instinctively know what time it is.

Imagine you’re a male junior in HS at the turn of the 2020 decade (winter ‘19) planning to graduate spring ‘21. You’re just getting close to being the oldest at school, closer to top of pecking order. Seniors are almost gone. Finally your time, high school has been hard

Spring 2020. No school, you're taking bullshit classes remotely at home. You hate it. Your parents won't let you see friends, sports canceled, can't see girls. Maybe you're a virgin maybe not, if you are the chasm between you and manhood just grew by a horrific amount.

Constantly at home you have no personal (owned) space, not even your friends' cars to drive around in to feel free for an hour. Summer comes and things don't improve, except now there's riots over some dead guy. You go to a protest out of boredom, but don't really care.

Fall 2020, regardless your household you're being browbeaten on all media channels that deliver you information about the Orange Man in the White House who makes you laugh sometimes. Your parents are likely frantic about getting vaccinated for your grandparents' sake.

You're a "senior". Maybe you're at school, maybe you're still at home (region dependent). Regardless you're forced to mask, even sometimes while playing sports. 2021 is a tedious schoolmarm-mediated headache of masks, social distance, and restrictions from your cautious mother.

You're now 18, you've lost a year of life, some Kyle kid is on trial for going to a rally as you did —largely out of curiosity and boredom. Your parents talk excitedly about getting you and your siblings vaccinated, apparently one obese kid three states over died from it.

Senior Spring, you're hoping that maybe next year you get to be a man who does what he wants. Talks to girls with no mask. Stay out late. Go, do, whatever you want, because that's what men do. You started working out during lockdown out of boredom. College will be it. You apply.

You've been under the feminine gaze of your mother and school teachers and cameras on your computer from age 17-18.5. Nothing is private, you're told everything is dangerous. They're so excited about jabbing you. College letters come back — no dice.

Kids "of color" you know with worse grades and lower test scores (colleges happened to stop taking them this year!) got in places you were rejected. You aren't allowed to say anything, not even to your own parents, not to your college counselor. You cannot say it. No one cares.

You wanted to be a team captain, you wanted to be one of the cool seniors who got the girls, but high school ended for your junior winter 2019/20. Even the meaningless car rides to bump music and smoke weed or sip vodka with your friends were eliminated. Your world became owned

You don't give a shit about Afghanistan, you don't know who Marco Rubio is, you don't even care much about the weirdos at school who wear skirts, but you do know a kid whose family had to move him schools for using the word "faggot" once jokingly on Snapchat.

You have been told to mask, to take an unnecessary injection, to be silent in the face of unfairness, to ? listen ? when races other than your own talk. College doesn't want you, the economy is sputtering, and they're still telling you what to do, to say, to think. Watching.

Your mom. The teachers. Jen Psaki. Local girl boss politician. They speak at you like a little boy. You own no space. You have no agency. The world is scary and we will protect you from it, inside. Don't know how to end this but I'd probably snap. Great sympathy for the boys.

There is a war on the adventurous spirit in young men. The nanny state’s decentralized cadre of unhappy women fears it without knowing why (reading history bores most women). That is in part because unified western youth has not reared its head for generations.

What comes next I do not know. Armies of impetuous youths shaped history, bleeding out nations in the sand, putting cities to the sword… The youth never lack motion, they lack direction. Great generals. Who is the unifier? The pathfinder? Who leads what’s to come?

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