Being abducted by aliens is a lot weirder than atsumu thought it would be. He had always expected tiny little green men would take him away and steal his organs to experiment on. But this? This is so much fucking weirder than that. Because these aliens? They’re obsessed with him+

well, at least one of them is. When he first got taken he was scared shitless and fighting for his life, but then he realized that these aliens didn’t want to kill him or eat him or take out his spleen, they were curious. They poked and prodded and spoke to eachother in a weird

raspy language, but they never hurt him. They fed him food that tasted more decadent than anything he had ever had on earth and they gave him his own bed and clothing. Atsumu figured that when it came to alien abductions, he probably got pretty lucky. There was also the fact that

these aliens weren’t exactly hard to look at. Okay scratch that, they were sexy, at least most of them. Maybe Atsumu was developing Stockholm syndrome, maybe they were secretly drugging him or playing mind tricks to seduce him, but these aliens were alot sexier than he ever+

expected an alien to be. the males were tall, pushing seven feet probably, their lavender skin looked soft to the touch and their eyes were like galaxies. varying in color but most commonly a deep black, with what looked like silver stars twinkling throughout. they had markings+

like pale stripes along their arms and legs and the craziest part of all, they had horns, and a tail. They wore dark black clothing covering most of their body but the horns and tail were hard to miss. Along with their fangs, exactly like how atsumu had always pictured a vampire

fangs to look. He just hoped these aliens didn’t drink blood. One of the aliens couldn’t keep his eyes off Atsumu. Atsumu didn’t know whether to be unsettled or flattered but the alien stared and stared and stared. his dark black gaze unflinching. Atsumu tried to talk to him +

but whenever he said anything the male he just cocked his head to the side and a purring noise came from deep in his throat. Atsumu thought it sounded similar to a cat. Atsumu decided to call him Omi then, the name of his cat from home. Another alien joined Omi in

entering Atsumu’s room today. This one’s eyes were a deep green, his hair burnished gold. “Hello!” Atsumu said when the alien followed behind Omi and entered the room. the newcomer cocked his head to the side the same way Omi has and flared his nostrils, his gaze snapped+

to Omi’s. They spoke quickly in their native tongue before Omi glared harshly and turned away. Atsumu frowned, “Can you understand me?” All Atsumu wanted was to be albe to communicate with these aliens. he was tired of talking to the wall. the blonde alien frowned, “yes, of+

course.” he had a thick accent, a rolling purr that Atsumu found rather seductive. “we are fluent in over 20,000 languages that span the cosmos,” the alien continued, “My name is hothe.” atsumu was thrilled that he could communicate, but it didn’t explain why Omi had pretended

not to understand him. and why the aliens only spoke in their language instead of something atsumu could understand whenever he asked questions. “Why has no one told me this? ive been in this shithole talking to myself for days,” atsumu said, glaring harshly at omi.

Omi ignored atsumu’s existence and hothe raised a dark purple eyebrow, his tail swishing behind him, “while we understand your language, your species and planet was foreign to us. you were hostile on arrival so we thought it best to let you calm down before passing along any +

knowledge.” “well im not hostile now so will ya fucking tell me why ya stole me away? i’d like to go home please,” atsumu said exasperatedly. hothe frowned and made a clicking noise in his throat, “earth has been destroyed.” atsumu dropped his hands from his hair and his jaw+

dropped, “what the fuck do you mean earth has been destroyed?” hothe sighed as if explaining this was an inconvenience to him, “as keepers of the universe we watch over all other planetary life to ensure its survival. your species has been serving earth a slow death and many+

alien species yearned to destroy you. we though that immoral. we gave what humans would cooperate escape before your planet was obliterated.” “if the other aliens wanted to save earth why the fuck would they obliterate it?” atsumu asked. all this shit sounded crazy, but purple +

aliens would have sounded crazy to atsumu a week ago but here he was. hothe sighed, “they saw it as a necessity, rather destroy one planet and kill off the humans than leave you alive to wreak havoc on any additional planets. “we weren’t that bad,” atsumu muttered but all this

new information was making him tired. he collapsed onto his bed and saw hothe leave the room. Omi flinched as atsumu fell on the bed and he staggered forward, catching atsumu and settling him gently into the bed before covering him in blankets. atsumu blinked up at Omi’s +

starry eyes. this alien was such a mystery. while most of the others were gruff but intelligent know it alls, omi was silent and attentive, making sure atsumu always had every creature comfort he needed. “why don’t you talk? don’t you know my language too?” A purr rumbled from

Omi’s throat and he turned his gaze away, “I do.” “Then why don’t you talk to me? why do you always stare? And what does that purr mean? and why do your eyes sparkle?” Omi blinked rapidly and his purring grew louder, it seemed involuntary, “You ask many questions human,” he +

murmured. his voice was deep and raspy, the noise felt silken smooth in atsumu’s ears. he wanted him to keep talking. “keep talking,” atsumu said, he felt like Omi’s voice was putting him in a trance. it was smooth like butter. “what do you wish me to say?” Omi asked with a +

curious tone. “anything. your voice is pretty,” atsumu said, feeling sleepier by the second. “Pretty? what does pretty mean? i do not know that word.” atsumu giggled in spite of himself, “it means you.” “me? i am pretty?” atsumu nodded with a soft laugh, “oh yeah you are.”+

omi huffed and stood up from where he had been kneeling by atsumu’s bed. fuck he was tall. “stay,” atsumu said before he could stop himself. he had no idea what possessed him to say it but he didn’t want this alien to leave. he wanted to learn all his secrets. Omi just grunted+

and sat stiffly on the edge of atsumu’s bed. his tail was swishing quickly now, as if he was nervous. “what’s wrong?” atsumu asked, he reached out to touch omi’s tail but omi swished it away with a sharp look. “do not touch me if you don’t wish to be mated.” atsumu gaped,+

“you want to be my mate?” omi stiffened and stood up again, “it is not a choice. nor can it be controlled. so if you don’t wish for an alien to be yours. do not touch me.” atsumu blinked in shock but before he could say another word omi had left the room. what the fuck?+

++ i will write more tomorrow i am sleepy!!!!! i hope you guys like this so far!!

- Kiyoomi hated Earth. He hated the entire human race. And most of all, he hated Atsumu. Because he didn’t. Or his mating instinct didn’t. The constant thrumming in his chest was becoming an annoyance. The urge to protect, the urge to claim, the urge to touch and learn and see.+

His species dreamt of this. it was rare, to be called to another in this way. The mating was a sacred thing for their people, many going their whole life without hearing its call. Kiyoomi always thought he was meant to be solitary. He had made peace with that, with never +

feeling the touch of another, the love of another. But here he was, with a human calling him this way. Humans are odd, so very different than anything he is used to. Firstly, they’re small. While Kiyoomi thinks Atsumu is supposed to on the taller side of his species, he is still

so much smaller than Kiyoomi, so much softer. His skin is the color of saturn and his eyes burn like the stars that warm his planet’s surface every morning. While Kiyoomi’s skin is hard like steel, almost impenetrable, Atsumu’s is weak, prone to injury and infection. So weak, +

these humans. Kiyoomi’s urge to protect Atsumu from any harm is so strong he can hardly hold himself back from it. Watching Atsumu calms that thrumming in his chest. Listen to Atsumu babble on and on each day helps Kiyoomi learn more about him. But of course Kiyoomi slipped up+

and told Atsumu the truth. And of course Atsumu would have one million questions about it. Kiyoomi hated Hothe for telling Atsumu the truth, hated him for the knowing look in his eyes when he smelled the bond. Hated him even more when he saw the way Hothe and all the others +

looked at Atsumu, interested… Kiyoomi wanted to splatter them all against a wall. Wanted to claim Atsumu in front of them. Mine. Mine. Mine. Atumu was his mate. Not theirs. But he wasn’t really. Atsumu was an odd human who knew nothing of Kiyoomi’s culture and customs. For all+

Kiyoomi knows Atsumu has a mate back on Earth. Or did. Oh god. The thought of Atsumu with another causes a wave of nausea so strong Kiyoomi staggers against the wall. Stupid mating. Stupid instincts. “You look horrible,” Komori drawled as he strode up to Kiyoomi’s side with+

a wicked grin, “Hothe told me the news. Lucky little Kiyoomi’s got a human mate.” Kiyoomi glared hard at Komori and shoved him, Komori stumbled slightly but righted himself quickly. It was an advantage that Kiyoomi was taller and stronger than the others in his species. He was +

the apex, it had its advantages. “I hate humans,” Kiyoomi muttered, “We should have let the others kill them all.” Komori clicked and cocked his head to the side, “You should be happy, and honored. Many would Kill to be in your place, with a handsome mate at your side.” +

Kiyoomi glowered, “He’s not at my side. And I’m sure no human wants an ugly alien for a mate.” Komori frowned, “Is that what your issue is? You think he won’t want you?” Kiyoomi shook his head and walked away, “It doesn’t matter. +

- Three days pass before Kiyoomi visits Atsumu’s room again. When he enters this time he’s vibrating. The purring in his chest is so loud that Atsumu can hear it before he even enters the room. Kiyoomi’s eyes are sparkling more than normal when he enters the room. He takes up

his regular post by the door and just stares. Just like always. But Atsumu is tired of the silence. and the staring. he wants answers. “Come here,” Atsumu demands, trying to sound dominant even though Kiyoomi looks like he could eat Atsumu’s eyeballs for breakfast. Kiyoomi +

jolts at Atsumu’s words. He wasn’t expecting Atsumu to acknowledge him. He narrows his eyes and his tail swishes nervously behind him as he walks up closer to Atsumu. The purring in his chest gets even louder as he approaches. Atsumu frowns. He has so many questions he doesn’t +

know where to begin. “What’s your name?” Atsumu starts with. Kiyoomi cocks his head to the side and a click click click noise comes from the back of his throat, “Kiyoomi.” Atsumu is stunned by that at first and then he can’t help but laugh. It turns out Omi was the perfect +

nickname after all. Kiyoomi’s skin flushes a darker shade of violet and the three fingers on each of his hands begin to twitch, “What is funny?” he demands. Atsumu forgets to answer for a moment while he fixates on Kiyoomi’s hands. Only three fingers each? and his hands are so

big, his fingers so long. Aliens are fucking wild. Kiyoomi notices Atsumu’s attention on his hands and his cheeks flush deeper. He puts his hands behind his back. “Why do you purr so much?” Atsumu asks next, “The others don’t do it, only you.” “That is not your concern,”+

Kiyoomi says, his voice raspy and cold. Atsumu pouts and grabs one of Kiyoomi’s big hands, pulling him to sit on the bed next to Atsumu. Kiyoomi looks so stunned by the act that he doesn’t protest. “Come on Omi, yer here every day and we’ll be stuck on this ship for weeks +

before we get off. Why can’t we just be friends? Get to know eachother?” “Friends?” Kiyoomi asks, his voice laced with confusion, “You wish to be friends with me? An alien?” “Ya think I don’t wanna be friends cause yer an alien? No way you’re really cool Omi!” Kiyoomi turns+

dark purple again and he looks away, his tail almost smacks into Atsumu with how fast its swishing behind him, “I do not know human customs. What does human friendship entail?” Atsumu grins at Kiyoomi’s proper way of speaking, he pronounces each word very carefully, his accent

is thick and beautiful, “It entails learning about each other. Talking, being nice. Its not that hard Omi.” “What would you like to know?” Kiyoomi asks. He looks very uncomfortable with speaking to Atsumu at all but Atsumu is beaming. Now this is progress. “You said I can’t +

touch you unless I want to be mated. What did you mean?” Kiyoomi stiffens and starts to get up, Atsumu wraps a hand around his forearm to stop him from moving. His skin feels like steel, soft, but hard. And his forearm is huge. God Atsumu had never really noticed before but +

Kiyoomi is insanely muscular. Atsumu’s hand looks so tiny wrapped around Kiyoomi’s arm. Kiyoomi sits back down and carefully scoots away from Atsumu. His chest is practically vibrating, “My species has a sacred bond,” Kiyoomi says slowly, “It is rare and when it calls we answer

This bond calls me to you.” Atsumu blinks as he processes that. “So your uh… mating bond wants me?” Kiyoomi swallows and touches a hand to his chest, “Yes. It does. Do you feel it too? It would be so much easier if you felt what I feel,” Kiyoomi murmurs, he’s practically +

talking to himself now. “Um, humans don’t purr, or vibrate. So I don’t think so,” Atsumu says. This is all starting to freak him out a little bit. I mean Kiyoomi is attractive yeah, but his girlfriend back home would probably be pissed if he started hooking up with an alien.+

If she’s even alive. God what a mess Atsumu’s life has become. “I don’t wish to give you my burden. It is my misery to endure, not yours,” Kiyoomi says, Atsumu can feel the sadness in his words like a physical blow. “It’s miserable to be mated to me?” Ouch, thats an ego bruise.

Kiyoomi startles, “No of course not.,” he pauses in deep thought and then continues, “This bond… it chose you. I do not know why. But the bond demands to be heard. I am meant to claim you. It is difficult to ignore those instincts. However, I shall survive. No human would+

wish to be stuck with someone like me. I understand.” Atsumu frowns at that, “When you say claim me… what do you mean?” Kiyoomi tenses and looks away, his hands flexing near his lap, as if he wishes to cover it. Atsumu can’t help but look there. Are alien dicks different than

human ones? There’s a buldge in Kiyoomi’s black pants. Its big, but it gives away no secrets other than the fact that Kiyoomi wants him. And Atsumu can’t lie to himself at this point. He wouldn’t mind exploring Kiyoomiis body either. I mean how often does someone get to hookup+

with an alien? But a mating bond? Being claimed by an alien? Atsumu doesn’t know if he’s ready for that yet. “Please speak,” Kiyoomi murmurs, “You are far too quiet for my liking.” Atsumu grins at Kiyoomi’s tone and tries to forget all the uncertainties in his life right now,+

he might as well enjoy the moment right? Getting to know a hot alien can’t be so horrible can it? “You like when I talk?” Atsumu asks, “I haven’t heard that before. Usually people are trying to get me to shut up.” “I’ll kill them,” Kiyoomi states. He says it so simply that +

Atsumu startles. Well okay then. “Do you kill people often?” Kiyoomi frowns and cocks his head to the side, “Would it please you if I said yes? I will bring you a kill right now if it will please you.” Atsumu laughs nervously and shakes his head, “That’s okay Omi. No need to +

go out of the way.” Kiyoomi leans in closer to Atsumu and blinks, “I will do whatever you wish. Anything.” Atsumu’s eyes widen, “Really?” “My only desire is to serve and protect—And claim, my mate.” “And that’s because of this bond huh?” Kiyoomi nods once, “You were made+

just for me. And I for you. The universe conspired for us to be here. My heart hums with the truth. I won’t claim you. I know you don’t wish for an alien like me. But I will still serve and protect. Your unhappiness pains me.” Atsumu’s heart warms at the words. Kiyoomi is +

really sweet for an alien. Atsumu wouldn’t mind the serving and protecting either. He likes being doted on and Kiyoomi seems intent on doing just that. “I’m not unhappy Omi. All of this is just weird. Last week I was in Physics class and now a purple alien wants to seduce me.+

I’m just trying to process it all.” Kiyoomi nods but still looks confused by Atsumu’s words, “What is physics class?” Atsumu can’t help but burst out laughing at that. God Kiyoomi is fucking adorable. Kiyoomi looks alarmed by Atsumu’s laughing, “Was that funny?” +

Atsumu shakes his head again, “Sorry. Its just, there’s so much you don’t know about humans. I just thought you would know more.” Kiyoomi hums, “I was taught the english language and the basics of your people. I do not know anymore than that.” Atsumu nods, “Well I don’t know+

shit about your people so I guess we’re in the same boat.” “Would you like to learn? About my people? Ask me anything you want.” Atsumu looks over Kiyoomi, “Okay… what are your horns for?” Kiyoomi raises a dark eyebrow and touches a hand to one of the horns curling on his +

head, “They don’t have a purpose that I know of, the males are all born with them.” “So girls don’t have horns, got it. What about your tail? Why does it swish so much?” Kiyoomi turns violet again, “It is hard to control the movement of the tail. It reacts to our emotional +

state.” Atsumu nods, “Do you have any other alien things?” Kiyoomi looks puzzled, “Alien… things?” “Like other parts I don’t have,” Atsumu says. Kiyoomi looks down at himself, he looks almost self conscious, “They would require removal of my clothing.” Oh. Ohhh. Shit.+

Does Atsumu want to do this? Yeah he really wants to do this. He’s curious. Kiyoomi is gorgeous and he’s kind and he’s a. fucking. alien. Atsumu would regret it if he didn’t do a little bit of exploring. Okay. Fuck it. This is happening now. “Let’s do it.” Kiyoomi looks +

puzzled again, half terrified, “Remove our clothing?” **NSFW from this point forward Atsumu nods and stands up. Fuck it. He’ll go first. He tugs his shirt over his head and tosses it on the ground. Baring his chest to Kiyoomi. Kiyoomi’s eyes go wide and his pupils dilate+

so much that there is no white left in his eyes, only starry black. He moves closer to Atsumu instinctually, his chest purring nonstop now. He grazes a large hand over Atsumu’s pecs, touching, exploring. Atsumu stays silent, half scared to see what Kiyoomi says. Kiyoomi looks

to Atsumu’s nipples and pinches one. Atsumu groans before he can stop himself and Kiyoomi looks up, alarmed, “Did that hurt?” “No. You didn’t hurt me. Its just… people only usually do that sexually.” Kiyoomi flushes and pulls his hand away, “That gave you pleasure?” Atsumu+

shrugs. God this is the weirdest fucking conversation he’s ever had. “Your body is interesting. You have little hairs on your chest.” Now its Atsumu’s turn to flush. And he wants nothing more than to wax his chest. Jesus. Before Atsumu can think of something to say to that+

Kiyoomi is shucking off his shirt. He looks similar to a human chest, pecs, abs, nipples, the usual things. But he’s completely hairless, and there’s the fact that he’s purple. Okay so if there’s nothing alien like there then it has to be… Kiyoomi pulls off his pants quickly

and before Atsumu can process anything Kiyoomi is standing before him completely in the nude. Atsumu looks down immediately and he has to hold in his scream. “There’s- there’s two of them,” Atsumu says, finally processing the TWO dicks between Kiyoomi’s legs. They’re right next+

to eachother in the usual spot and they’re the same length. They share a ballsack. What the fuck. What the actual fuck.This is not normal. Completely not normal and Atsumu might be losing his mind. He peers down at them, cut and clean and hairless. Pretty. But how does it work?+

Atsumu doesn’t know if he could even handle one of those, but two? Kiyoomi clears his throat and Atsumu realizes he’s been staring at Kiyoomi’s crotch for way too long to be normal. “Sorry,” Atsumu says sheepishly, “I’ve just never seen anything like that before. How does it+

work?” Kiyoomi cocks his head to the side, “The same as yours does I imagine.” “I-I mean sex? Like do you use both?” “Oh,” Kiyoomi flushes and looks away, his dicks twitch simultaneously, “I don’t know.” “What do you mean you don’t know?” Atsumu pauses, “Wait… are you a +

virgin?” Kiyoomi looks up, “What is a virgin?” Atsumu is astonished, “Someone who’s never had sex before.” “Oh. Well yes I suppose I am that,” Kiyoomi says shyly, he rubs his neck with a hand. Atsumu bites his lip to stop from grinning. How the hell did he get stuck with an

alien virgin? Fuck Osamu is gonna laugh his ass off when he find out about this. “Please do not laugh again,” Kiyoomi murmurs as he pulls his pants back on. Atsumu scrambles to make Kiyoomi feel better. He didn’t mean to hurt his feelings, “I’m not laughin at ya Omi. Yer just+

so different. Yer beautiful though. Your body is beautiful. Its just not every day that I see a guy with two dicks.” Kiyoomi walks up close to Atsumu, his facial expression hopeful, “You think i am beautiful?” Atsumu’s smile softens and he brushes Kiyoomi’s soft cheek with a+

hand, “I do. You’re very beautiful Kiyoomi. I’ve never seen anything like ya.” Kiyoomi presses his hand to Atsumu’s, holding it there on his face, “Thank you. For calling me beautiful. No one has ever said that to me before.” “Why not? How has no other alien snatched ya up yet?

Kiyoomi shrugs and turns away, “They are fearful of me. I am the strongest of my kind and I am the assassin for our people. No one has ever looked at me without fear in their eyes. No one but you.” Atsumu softens further, Kiyoomi must be so lonely. He hates that, “Yer not scary+

Omi. Yer a big softie.” Kiyoomi’s full lips twist into a small smile and he turns back towards Atsumu, “Thank you for your kindness. We were told humans were cruel and careless, but you are none of those things. You are kind. Thank you.” Atsumu doesn’t have words for that. And+

before he can think of something to say Kiyoomi is picking up his shirt and leaving the room. +

- The human called him beautiful. That is a word in the english language that Kiyoomi knows and its meaning is precious. The thought of Atsumu seeing him that way is unfathomable, but he does. He said it, and Kiyoomi could feel his sincerity. Every part of Kiyoomi is buzzing+

with the need to claim. Every interaction he has with Atsumu makes it herder for him to control this instinct he has. But staying away from Atsumu hurts too. His body physically aches with the need to be close to Atsumu. Closer. Closer. His heart sings. He’s in a constant state+

of purring now and the others all notice. Kiyoomi sees amusement and jealousy in their eyes. He knows they are all waiting until landing and the other ship full of humans is let out to see if they have a mate waiting for them too. Atsumu has been so kind. Kinder than he was+

taught humans could be. But that still didn’t mean he wanted to be bonded, mated to an alien. But Kiyoomi didn’t know how much longer he could hold back. - The last two weeks aboard the ship went by relatively fast and Atsumu was beyond excited to see Kiyoomi’s planet and +

reunite with his brother and friends who had been stuck on the other ship the whole time. Atsumu knew so much more about Kiyoomi now. Kiyoomi had stayed consistent and visited Atsumu’s room every day in the past two weeks. There had been no more physical exploring (Atsumu+

was kinda bummed about that) but him and Kiyoomi had gotten closer. Atsumu really couldn’t help but like him so much, he was just so sweet and innocent and funny. The way he speaks is so alluring and not to mention that he’s kinda beautiful. Atsumu’s totally gonna have to give+

his girlfriend a big fat apology for falling for an alien instead of missing her. Oops. But he really couldn’t help it. Kiyoomi’s just kinda perfect. There was a knock on Atsumu’s door and then Kiyoomi and a few others were striding in. “It is time to prepare for landing. We+

will take you down to the loading bay and strap you up so that you are safe for planet entry,” a surly big alien says with a gruff voice. Atsumu looks to Kiyoomi and Kiyoomi ‘s eyes soften and nods, ensuring Atsumu that its safe. Hothe smirks, “Your mate will be in a separate +

bay with the captain of the ship. You will see him again when we land.” Atsumu bites his lip and nods. He hates that he won’t see Kiyopmi during landing but he has to trust that these aliens know what they’re doing. They’re probably a million times more intelligent than humans+

are so Atsumu tries not to worry. - The landing is a lot smoother than Atsumu expected and before he knows it he’s being led out of the ship. For a moment he is frozen as he stares. To call it a city is an understatement. Its like nothing he’s ever seen before. Millions+

of towerinf building and high tech machines Atsumu doesn’t even know how to describe. There’s plants and areas that look like parks but none of the plants are green. They’re blue. Most of the buildings are silver or white and the coty glows like a Utopia. Atsumu hadn’t expected +

it to look so modern. Its the most beautiful place he’s ever seen. He turns around at the noise of many people talking and then hundreds and hundreds of humans are being filed out of the ship next to the one Atsumu had been inside. Atsumu searches through the crowd and right+

when he sees his brother he starts sprinting. He doesn’t even realize he’s crying until Osamu starts crying too. “Fuck I thought i’d never see ya again,” Osamu mutters, his voice wet with emotion as he hugs Atsumu tightly. “Are you okay? Is everyone okay? God I missed ya,” +

Atsumu says breathlessly. Osamu nods and waves a hand behind him to where Suna, Aran Bokuto and Akaashi are standing staring up at the city in front of them, “Everyone’s okay. Ma’s over with one of the aliens,” Osamu gives Atsumu a significant look, “He claims that they’re+

‘mates’ whatever the fuck that means. But she’s happy so I don’t care.” Atsumu nods and waves at his friends, so relieved that everyone he loves is okay. And them he remembers his girlfriend, “What about-?” Atsumu starts. Osamu shakes his head with a frown before Atsumu can+

even finish his sentence, “She didn’t make it,” is all Osamu says. “Shit,” Atsumu says. Part of him had been hoping for that but he feels so guilty about it he could throw up. Osamu just squeezes him into a hug one more time before letting him go. - Kiyoomi is frantically +

searching for Atsumu through the crowd of humans to make sure he’s okay when he sees him smiling and laughing with a small group of people. Kiyoomi gets nervous then, he doesn’t want to interrupt, he feels so out of place surrounded by these strange humans who are all looking at+

him with curiosity. Atsumu looks so happy with his humans and Kiyoomi doesn’t want to take that beautiful smile from his face. But then who Kiyoomi assumes is Atsumu’s brother looks up and locks eyes with Kiyoomi. He raises and eyebrow and nudges Atsumu, pointing to Kiyoomi with

a hand. Atsumu lights up when he sees Kiyoomi and Kiyoomi’s nervousness fades away. He strides up to Atsumu as fast as he can walk and Atsumu crashes into him and wraps his arms around Kiyoomi before he can react. Atsumu pulls back and smiles, “I was wonderin where ya were!

I wanted to introduce ya to my brother Osamu and my friends,” Atsumu said as he pointed at the other humans standing with him. Kiyoomi bowed at the waist, “Hello.” One with green eyes and black hair that Atsumu calls Suna snorted and grinned at Kiyoomi. Kiyoomi didn’t know+

what he found funny but he stood straight again and looked to Atsumu. Atsumu smiled softly at him and tugged him away from the humans so that they could talk alone, “Was yer landing okay?” Kiyoomi nodded and ignored how all of his friends were staring at them intensely, “+

It was fine. I am happy to be home. I have missed my planet,” Kiyoomi takes in a deep breath and smiles. Yes. He is happy to be back home. “It’s beautiful Omi. Never seen anything like it. Where do you live?” Kiyoomi points to one of the tallest buildings in the distance, “That

is my home, I live on the top floor.” “Woah. Can I see it?” Atsumu asks, his voice is full of excitement. Kiyoomi nods, “Of course. Your friends are welcome too. There are many extra rooms to spare until you find your own lodging.” “About that, how does this work? +

All of us humans living here?” “It has already been voted that a large sum of currency will be given to each human so that they can provide for themselves and find a home here. They will be taught the ways of are people and are welcome to seek employment if they wish.” Atsumu+

grins, “Sounds fucking good to me.” Kiyoomi cannot help but smile. He never thought he would get to take a mate into his home. He never thought he would even have one, “Let me show you my home. Your friends can follow.” Atsumu waves his friends forward and explains everything +

to them as Kiyoomi guides them through the city. Hiving information and fun facts as they go. There’s so much to learn and know that Atsumu feels overwhelmed but also so excited.+

- Kiyoomi’s home is huge. He’s pretty damn rich for an alien ans Atsumu is not complaining about it. The ceilings are about three times higher than any human apartments would be and instead of fridges and stoves there is open blue flame to cook with and a huge ice box filled+

with odd foods that Atsumu had never seen before. The beds in all the different rooms are circular and huge, filled with downy fur of a creature Atsumu couldn’t pronounce the name of. The home had many similar aspects of a human apartment but it was still very different. And+

much larger. Atsumu’s biggest shock was the bathrooms. Instead of a toilet there was a huge hole in the ground that you were meant to squat over. And when Atsumu used it for the first time he almost had a heart attack when a red laser disintegrated all the waste before it could+

go anywhere. Talk about high tech. Kiyoomi had given Atsumu and all his friends their very own rooms and Atsumu was happy to see that his was right near Kiyoomi’s. The showers were just a fall of water from the ceiling and the water evaporated right before hitting the ground so+

there was no drains to be seen. Everything about this place was so amazing and different that Atsumu was in a constant state of awe. “Do you need any sustenance?” Kiyoomi asked as he peeked in the door to Atsumu’s room. “Huh? Do ya mean food?” Kiyoomi nodded although he stil

looked confused, “I set up some things for us.” Atsumu smiled and followed Kiyoomi into the kitchen. The smells were odd but not bad, just different than any smell of human food he had had. There was a pot hanging over the blue flame that looked to be steaming. “On the ship+

we provided you with our replicas of the food on Earth but I thought you could try the type of food I eat today,” Kiyoomi explained. Osamu and the others filed into the kitchen and watched as Kiyoomi served them plates. “I hope none of you are vegetarians,” Kiyoomi said, but he+

completely butchered the pronunciation and Atsumu smiled. He was so goddamn cute. The food was good. The texture was harder than beef or chicken and it took a long time for Atsumu to chew but the flavors were bright and delicious and Atsumu couldn’t help but love it. “Thank you

for cookin for us Omi,” Atsumu said with a smile. Kiyoomi had watched intently the entire time Atsumu ate. Not taking his eyes off him and not even touching his own food. Osamu and the others all took notice of this of course and they were all smirking. Osamu had already+

figured out that Atsumu and Kiyoomi were ‘mates’ and teased the shit out of Atsumu for it. Atsumu told Osamu all about their interactions and Osamu laughed but was also encouraging. He seemed to like Kiyoomi too and Atsumu was happy about that. Osamu’s opinion meant everything +

- Everyone else had gone to sleep but Atsumu could still hear Kiyoomi awake in his room. He couldn’t stop himself from knocking at the door. He was so drawn to Kiyoomi and he was tired of ignoring it. He didn’t know if it was because of this mating bond between them or if he+

had just been falling for the big alien since the moment he met him but he wanted to be with Kiyoomi now. He wanted to learn everything about his life on this odd planet and his customs and culture. He wanted to learn Kiyoomi’s mind and his heart and his body. As different as it

may be. “Can I come in?” Atsumu asks as Kiyoomi cracks his metal door opened. Kiyoomi isn’t wearing a shirt. Atsumu shouldn’t be surprised by this since he’s just alone in his bedroom but it still makes his heart skip a beat. Kiyoomi opens the door silently and closes it after

Atsumu comes in. They stare at eachother for a moment before Kiyoomi swallows, “Are my living quarters to your liking?” his chest begins to purr again as he speaks. Atsumu grins and takes a few steps closer to Kiyoomi. Kiyoomi tenses as Atsumu gets closer. His hands are fisted

at his sides and his purring is so loud it drowns out any other noise from outside their space. “What are you doing?” Kiyoomi asks. His voice is cautious and he’s almost shaking with nerves. “Getting closer to ya,” Atsumu says with a smirk. “Why?” Kiyoomi’s voice shakes. +

“Because I like ya. And I wanna touch ya,” Atsumu says, gaining confidence as he sees Kiyoomi’s cheeks flush a dark violet. Kiyoomi’s eyes widen, “You-“ he swallows, “You like, you like me?” Atsumu smiles wider. Kiyoomi is so fucking cute, “Yeah. I really do.” Kiyoomi is +

silent for a while. His tail swishes slowly and he looks down at his hands, “But I am an alien. I am ugly and different. and nothing like you.” Atsumu’s heart squeezes at Kiyoomi’s words, “Omi yer not ugly. I told ya yer beautiful and I meant it. I love your lavender skin. +

I love those horns and the way your tail swishes when you’re nervous. I love how soft you are and how much bigger ya are then me. I don’t care that you’re an alien or that you’re different. I like ya just the way ya are. Mating bond or not. I want ya to claim me. You don’t +

need to hold back anymore. I want ya. I want all of it and I want it with you.” “You mean it?” Kiyoomi says, his voice is almost at a whisper. His tail is swishing again in the way Atsumu loves. “I do. Can I kiss ya?” Atsumu asks boldly. He can see Omi thinking a million +

miles a minute and he figures a distraction would do him good. Kiyoomi looks up and cocks his head to the side, “Kiss. That is a human custom. Touching mouths correct? We do not do that here.” Atsumu almosts laughs but he knows that makes Kiyoomi insecure so he stops himself+

“Well you guys are missin out because kissing is the best thing in the world. Can I show ya?” Kiyoomi nods slowly and looks down at Atsumu’s lips. He looks terrified. Atsumu grins and leans in, brushing their lips together. Kiyoomi is tense at first but he eventually relaxes+

his lips as Atsumu kisses him further. They stay chaste at first but Atsumu eventually bites at Kiyoomi’s lips softly and encourages Kiyoomi to part his lips. Once he does Atsumu brushes their tongues together softly and it feels like home. Kiyoomi tastes like heaven and his lips

are warm and soft. Atsumu could kiss him forever. Kiyoomi is a quick learner and their tongues intertwine, their kiss turning tender and intimate. When they pull apart Kiyoomi is breathless and he looks at Atsumu with wonder in his eyes. “Good?” Atsumu asks, he can’t stop+

smiling. Kiyoomi brushes Atsumu’s cheek with a large hand, “Humans are much smarter than they are given credit for.” Atsumu can’t help but crack up laughing at that and he pulls Kiyoomi into a tight embrace, “God I love ya.” Atsumu freezes as he says it but then relaxes. +

It’s true. Its scary but its true. Atsumu loves him. He loves a fucking alien. If someone had told him this would happen a month ago he would’ve laughed in their face, but here he is. Kiyoomi hugs Atsumu back, strokes his hair with a hand, “My people do not say ‘I love you’ the+

way humans do. We have a different phrase in our native language. There is no exact words to match it but the rough translation says, ‘Your soul is mine and my soul is yours’. That is how I feel with you Atsumu. You have owned my soul since the first time I looked at you.+

I love you like how humans say. You are my mate. Even if your chest doesn’t purr the same way mine does. I am yours. The universe brought us here.” Atsumu lets out a sob and then tears are falling. He buries his head in Kiyoomi’s chest and breathes in the beautifully unique +

scent of his alien, “You should be a goddamn poet Kiyoomi. God I love ya. And my soul is your too.” Kiyoomi kisses the top of Atsumu’s head and rubs his back. That’s when Atsumu becomes aware of Kiyoomi’s large buldge pressing up against his stomach. Things turn from romantic +

to sexual real quick as Atsumu starts exploring Kiyoomi with his hands. They love eachother and Atsumu is tired of waiting for this. He wants Kiyoomi inside of him. He wants to learn how sex works with someone with two dicks. He wants Kiyoomi to claim him. And he can tell +

Kiyoomi wants it too. - Giving a blowjob to an alien with two dicks is more difficult than you would expect. Atsumu tries to fit both in his mouth but its near impossible so he just switches back and forth. Kiyoomi is purring and moaning up a storm and he cums in under a +

minute. Imagine Atsumu’s surprise when both of his dicks spurt at once and his cum is PURPLE. Atsumu shouldn’t be surprised since his skin is purple too but it still shocks him. The taste is better than Atsumu expected and he laps it up with his tongue , to the eternal shock of+

Kiyoomi. Atsumu teaches Kiyoomi what rimming is and how to do it and Kiyoomi excels at that. He excels at everything really, and Atsumu could stay in bed with him for days. They don’t go all the way yet because Kiyoomi is clearly nervous and wants to do some ‘research’ before+

they go there. Atsumu isn’t worried about it. They have all the time in the world and Atsumu wants to savor every moment he has with Kiyoomi. This new world is different and odd sometimes but Atsumu loves it. He cant wait to explore the city with Kiyoomi and he wants to make sure

that Osamu and his friends settle in okay too. He loves it here and he loves Kiyoomi. Even though getting abducted was scary and Earth getting destroyed is horrible, he can’t hate where he’s ended up. He thinks the universe did conspire for them to be together and Atsumu wouldn’t

want it any other way.

— this thread is complete! thank you all so much for reading. if you feel like it you can always tip me on my kofi in my pinned tweet or DM me if you’d like to commission me to write you something. thank you again for reading and im so glad you all enjoyed this thread❤️

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