Mushtaq Bilal, PhD

Mushtaq Bilal, PhD



Free academic writing resources developed by the University of York (UK):

Academic Writing: A Practical Guide Contains detailed guides on: • General writing skills • Types of academic writing

1. The Writing Process Tips on: • How to plan and structure an assignment • Stages in assignment writing • How to craft the perfect title for your assignment?

3. Structure and Cohesion Tips on: • How to structure a paragraph • How to make your work cohesive I disagree with "Don't just launch into writing with no idea of where you're going!" Start writing. You'll figure out the structure through writing.

5. Working with Evidence Tips on: • Finding suitable sources • Quoting, paraphrasing, and synthesising • Using evidence to build critical arguments

6. Writing an Essay Tips on: • What is an essay? • How to structure an essay? • Essays in humanities, social sciences, and sciences

7. Writing Reports Tips on: • Report writing process • Writing a research report • Features of reports

8. Writing Dissertations Tips on: • What is a dissertation? • Digital tools for writing dissertations • Note-taking techniques

9. Examination Writing Tips on: • Types of examinations • Examination writing styles • What does the exam question want me to do?

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