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Most people have access to Youtube and can watch 1000's of videos on Technical Analysis. But most of you barely know which videos to focus upon. Here are 12 FREE Courses to Learn Technical Analysis:๐Ÿงต Collaborated with @niki_poojary

1st Course - RaynerTeo (@Rayner_Teo) This Youtube channel is a goldmine for people wanting to learn about Technical Analysis from Rayner Teo.

2nd Course - Power of Stocks Best Indian Youtuber when it comes to teaching Technical Analysis. Not only is he the best Youtuber, but also one of the best traders we have in our industry.

3rd Course - Pushkar Raj Thakur: Business Coach @PushkarRThakur Explains concepts in a very simple manner starting with the basics of Technicals and moving towards advanced concepts.

4th Course - Zerodha Varsity (@ZerodhaVarsity) They have laid out the path for beginners to improve their basics and then go on the explain the importance of Technicals here.

5th Course - TD Ameritrade (@TDAmeritrade) Reading stock charts, understanding chart patterns, and then diving into what they mean from a buyer vs seller point.

6th Course - Sharique Shamshudheen (@SharqSamsu) He has made multiple videos for teaching beginners about trading for free. This playlist covers all his knowledge about technical analysis.

7th Course - MarketGurukul This channel was one of the first Youtubers who had become prominent. Many traders have built their understanding about technicals by watching his videos.

8th Course - CA Rachana Ranade (@rachana_ranade) A superhit playlist where she covers the basics of Technical Analysis and then goes on to interpret some stock's technicals, using the concepts taught.

9th Course - Trade With Trend - Raunak A (@ST_PYI) Has a very good understanding about trends and explains his process of analyzing charts in this playlist. Must watch.

10th Course - TradeSociety How to really trade with the trend, understand indicators and setups.

11th Course - Adam Khoo How to generate consistent profits using Technical Analysis. Learn it from one of the most successful traders.

12th Course - Mark Minervini (@markminervini) The most successful trader in the US championship. Consistently wins all the trading championships leaving the second guy far behind. Great uses of Technicals.

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