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Atsumu trying to ‘subtly’ flirt with rookie Kiyoomi by asking Osamu to please please make him an extra bento for practice and Atsumu swears he’s being all smooth and stuff while in reality Osamu is writing little notes to Omi like: “This is from my brother. He likes you.”

Atsumu coming back to Onigiri Miya ECSTATIC because Kiyoomi accepted his bento (which is surprising because he’s extremely prickly about these things) being like: “Samu, do ya’ think he got the hint?” And Osamu thinking about the note he left him like “yeah, pretty sure he did.”

I just love… osamu supporting Atsumu… while also kinda embarrassing him but not really because Kiyoomi actually finds it kinda cute

Also Atsumu asking osamu to make the bento because he KNOWS Kiyoomi wouldn’t accept random food from places he doesn’t know or trusts… amazing

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