revereri 🫠 suffering

revereri 🫠 suffering



nsfw #miyacestober2022 day 2 • no one will love you but me' + control , orgasm control // "samu, /please/," atsumu begs, digging his fingers into his twin's scalp. but osamu doesn't hear him, or he just doesn't care. he continues holding atsumu down, +

a possessive hand resting just below his stomach, pressing lightly against his bladder. he's been blowing atsumu, eating him out, for what atsumu feels like must be /hours/ now, but osamu isn't keeping track. he's a chef, he takes care in preparing his meals. +

it's not something to be rushed, he often reminds atsumu, and it's the philosophy he's adopting now. atsumu's cock is hard and red-flushed in his hand, more than ready to spill the moment osamu gives him permission to, but he /hasn't/. +

he continues to press kisses up along the shaft, taking only the head into his mouth and sucking. his fingers tease atsumu's entrance, but never press inside. he wraps his lips around atsumu's balls, simultaenously brushing his thumb over the spot that makes atsumu /keen/. +

although it's all about atsumu today, at the same time, it's not really. though osamu is paying him all the attention, he's not actually giving /him/ much of it. not to his pleas, not to his requests. any time he asks osamu to let him come, osamu either ignores him, +

or tells him to hang on. "be good for me," he whispers, he says like a prayer. "ya haveta be good for me." he strokes atsumu's cock reverently and looks up at him writhing in the sheets. when they next make eye contact, osamu tells his brother, +

"no one will love ya but me. do ya understand?" he ducks his head again, pressing a kiss to the tip of atsumu's cock. "no one will love ya /like/ me." he sinks his mouth down on atsumu's cock, taking him in all the way. his movements are slow as he bobs his head +

up and down, having no intention to speed up. he wants to savour every moment of this, really /taste/ his twin and appreciate him. above him, atsumu sounds frantic. "i know samu i know, you're the only one for me, no one else could— /ah,/ even come close to ya, +

i love ya i love ya, /please/ let me come?" osamu hums, considering. he supposes he can. "okay, tsumu. you can come now." atsumu doesn't need any more prompting. he comes before osamu can even get his mouth on him again, instead spilling all over osamu's face with a cry. +

"that's it," osamu says as he strokes atsumu through it, feeling breathless just /watching/ his orgasm. "i love ya so much." atsumu looks absolutely wrecked after, his face and hair a sweaty mess. he rests a hand over his eyes as his chest heaves up and down, +

his cock still twitching with the aftershocks in the meantime, osamu gets up and wets a towel to clean his face, before bringing it over to clean atsumu, too. he touches the towel to atsumu's thigh but atsumu's hand comes down and snatches his wrist. +

osamu looks up, but atsumu still has his face covered. he says, "you're so mean." "mm," osamu leans in and presses a kiss to atsumu's hand. "but ya take it so well." atsumu lowers his arm and says flatly, "well what can i do, when i'm with such an insatiable beast?" +

"me?" osamu grins. "you're too funny, tsumu." "oh shut up." then he holds his arms out. "now give me cuddles and kisses. i need to recover. and then we can do you," he adds, looking pointedly at osamu's tented shorts. +

osamu shakes his head, "and ya say /i'm/ insatiable." still, he lets himself fall into atsumu's arms and peppers kisses all over his face. "oh my god, i didn't say slobber all over me like a puppy. kiss me /properly/." "how are ya so /spoilt/," osamu says. +

"all that pamperin's gone to yer head." "and whose fault is that?" atsumu retorts. "now /kiss/ me." "alright, alright," osamu complains. but he kisses atsumu like he wants—properly, slowly, with all his love poured into it.

// cries i love them. ☕, if you wanna:

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