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#sakuatsu mastubation virgin Atsumu, experienced Sakusa, nsfw, (cw: takes place during the training camp so both characters are minors) The all-youth Japan training camp brought on opportunities for more than just volleyball. Miya Atsumu would finally get a room all to himself.

No annoying twin always within watching distance, within /linstening/ distance. Atsumu loved his brother, most of the time, but being together with someone 24/7 meant that you were limited on one thing, privacy.

Miya Atsumu was brave, but not brave enough to risk getting caught jerking off by his tormentor of a brother. Osamu would /never/ let him live it down, and then Suna would get involved. It would trickle down to Aran, and eventually, horrifyingly, Kita.

It just wasn’t worth it. So, even though he was just as horny as you expected a teenage boy to be, Atsumu had never touched himself. Not under the covers, because Osamu literally slept in the same room!

Not in the shower, because the bathroom door didn’t lock and his family wasn’t the greatest at knocking. He’d even considered the attic because Osamu was afraid of spiders; he’d never dream of going up there but…Atsumu was also afraid of spiders, so that was a no go.

This trip, would be his one chance to find out what all the fuss was about. If that kind of release felt as great as his fantasies convinced him it was. And yet, the first day passed and Atsumu still hadn’t jerked off. He’d thought about it /a lot/,

but when it came time to push his shorts down and take care of business, he just, didn’t. It was frustrating, but for whatever reason he just couldn’t cross that line on his own. Turns out,

he didn’t have to because the pretty boy with the dark curls and the cutting smirk was more than happy to help him out. Sakusa Kiyoomi was more bold than he looked, knocking on Atsumu’s temporary dorm door and asking,

“are you just gonna stare at me the whole time we’re here, or do you actually want to do something about it?” And that’s how Atsumu found himself, naked from the waist down, hard enough to cut glass and anticipating the touch of another person’s hand.

They were so close, he and Sakusa. They were sitting facing each other, Atsumu’s legs slung over Sakusa’s thighs, their cocks separated by mere inches. Sakusa had a pretty cock, long, lean, and pale just like him.

Atsumu wanted to touch it, not as much as he wanted Sakusa to touch his, but still. “You’re really into staring huh?” Sakusa asked before licking the palm of his hand wetly. It seemed counterproductive.

He’d made both of them wash their hands thoroughly before he’d agreed to come into Atsumu’s room, and now he was licking his hand. What was that even for? Atsumu swallowed around his nerves.

He couldn’t exactly say that he wasn’t touching because he didn’t know what to do with his hands, now could he? So instead he just managed a somewhat cocky sounding “yeah” if somewhat meant not at all. Sakusa snorted,

but Atsumu forgot all about being embarrassed because in the next second wet fingers wrapped around his shaft and gave a curious pump. “O-oh,” Atsumu moaned, curling inward a little as the sensation wracked him. Holy fuck, /this/ is what he’d been missing out on.

“You’re sensitive,” Sakusa observed, before meanly stroking again. Atsumu felt hot, so fucking hot. It scattered his brain, and made his mouth loose as he moaned unabashedly. “Yeah?” Sakusa asked, sounding proud and his hand sped up just a little more.

The wet slick, slick of skin on skin made his toes curl and static filled his ears. “Ooomi,” he tried, right before he started to cum. The release seemed to startle them both, Sakusa with his noise of surprise and unwavering hand,

Atsumu with his eyes squeezed shut and trembling body. Good, it felt so so good. Fuck. Sakusa’s hand, those talented talented fingers kept stroking until Atsumu was wrung dry, and then just as Atsumu wanted to cry from how sensitive he felt, they stopped,

fell away and left Atsumu panting. “That was…” “Incredible,” Atsumu said, cutting off Sakusa before he could say ‘fast’. He wasn’t an expert in these things, but cumming in 25 seconds, 30 at most, probably wasn’t impressive.

When Atsumu felt like he could open his eyes again, the first thing he noticed was that Sakusa was hard. This was supposed to be an equal exchange right? Plus, no way Sakusa would be able to remember how fast he’d finished if Atsumu started touching his dick,

not if it was as mindblowing for everyone as it was for him. Atsumu meant to sound bold when he said, “I wanna touch ya,” but it came out as more of a question and ruined the effect. Still, his heart gave a little jerk when Sakusa said, “Yeah. I want you to touch me.”

I'm thinking of continuing this with some Omi pov, thoughts???

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