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I pity those undecided Christian voters, & those General Overseers, still seating on the fence. The Muslim-Muslim ticket for 2023, is a call for Jihad, that will take away our rights as christians. Muslims are not taking chances, because they now preach about it. Pls retweet.

If Tinubu wins, Christians will not be president for a long time. It could take between 16 to 32 years, before a Christians will see that seat again. If at all they will ever see it. The people championing the real Muslim-Muslim ticket for 2023, has perfected their plans.

After Tinubu's 8 years, power will return to either Northeast or Northwest, but it must go to the hands of a Muslim man, for another 8 years. After which they will return the power to the south. But they will intentionally shift it to an Edo state Muslim man, for southsouth turn.

The Edo state Muslim will hold it for 8 years, making it a total of 24 years after Buhari, and 32 years if we include Buhari's 8 years. Power will again return back to the North, but this time, to the north-central. They will either give it to a Muslim in Niger, or Nasarawa state

That will make it 40 good years of Muslim president in Nigeria. In those 40 years, they will persecute Christians, take their lands, take their rights, change the constitution and our electoral laws to favour only the Muslim population in Nigeria. Irrespective of where you stay.

They will remove that 25% vote requirement, in two-thirds majority of 36 states, including FCT, to be declared president, & turn it to a simple majority, with the winner to be declared as president. It doesn't matter if he gets all of his votes from the North alone.

They will impose Ruga, cattle colony, water resources bill, migrate Fulani's into our lands to occupy it by force. Don't forget, they control the Army, Navy, Air force, Police, DSS, NIA, & DIA, at the moment, but in those 40 years, there will be little or no Christians in there.

They will do everything within their powers to extinct or annihilate minority tribes, & ethnic groups in Nigeria. especially Christians in the North, Benue people, the Igbo's, & people of the Niger-Delta. It will be war, war, & massacre for years, just like in southern Kaduna.

They will dominate minorities in all fronts, take their lands & their rights. Force their people who are settlers on minorities, & turn them to indegines, with full rights. Just as Elrufai is doing today in southern Kaduna. They will make their people rulers, & change our titles.

They won't need the support of any region, tribe, or ethnic group to be elected president in Nigeria, because the elections then, will be decided by simple majority. All they need is just Muslims votes across the country. After seizing power forever with this strategy,

The complete islamization of Nigeria will start. The Jihad war to either convert to Islam or lose your life and rights. They will crush all resistance, because the holy war, will be fought by multitude of Muslim faithfuls, imported into Nigeria, from across Africa.

The likes of Arthur Eze who is supporting Muslim ticket, must have died by then, Chimaroke Nnamani, Charles Soludo, Uzodinma, & Umahi, must have been old by then, if not dead. But their children and children children, will suffer the consequences of their actions & choices today.

Even if their children escape to UK or US, they will remain their forever, because their ancestral home, is now an Islamic country, & their people are now Muslims. Same faith awaits all those who are clamoring for Muslim-Muslim tickets, because of personal selfish gain or promise

Those pastors and general overseers, who are supporting Muslim-Muslim ticket because it favours their tribes man today, when the true masterminds of this Muslim-Muslim plan gets hold of the power, you will all be their number one targets.

They will take your big churches & camp grounds, convert it as settlements, for their people. Many years ago, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, & Iran, were secular states, until they allowed jihadists into power. The rest today is history. Christains are almost extinct, in those countries.

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