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Aryan Anurag | YouTube Growth Consultant



Recently Aam Aadmi Party has been KILLING it on YouTube, Whereas other political parties are not seeing ANY success there. WHY? I studied the YT Channels of major political parties, And here's a thread on- BJP VS AAP VS Congress- YouTube Version! (My favorite thread) (1/n)

1. Content Strategy- Political Parties generally have 2 types of Content- A. Promotional- Where they talk about their initiatives. B. Attack- Where they attack other political parties. Now, let's see what's really happening- (2/n)

While BJP does mostly promotional videos, & Congress does a mix of promotion & attack, AAP does a perfect mix of Promotion, Attack and... "Fun"- a NEW content type. It uses memes in its videos that make them fun to watch. Innovation! Scores- AAP- 1, INC- 0.5, BJP- 0 (3/n)

2. Thumbnails- If you haven't realised the importance of thumbnails till now, Observe this picture. All 3 videos are same- one party attacking another. But which one do you find more impactful? (4/n)

...continued- Unlike other political parties, AAP takes thumbnails very seriously. Their choice of pictures, the Copies, & the use of arrows & circles are almost perfect. I personally couldn't stop myself from clicking on them! Scores- AAP- 2, INC- 1, BJP- 0. (5/n)

3. Titles- BJP & Congress are doing either fully English, or fully hindi titles. & they are VERY boring. No curiosity, no impact, nothing. India wants a mixture of English & Hindi words, And that's exactly AAP's strategy. CLEAR WINNER! Scores- AAP- 3, INC- 1, BJP- 0 (6/n)

4. Editing- BJP and AAP post videos with almost no editing. Congress does a little editing here and there in selected videos. Overall, everyone is equal here. Scores- AAP- 3, INC- 1, BJP- 0 (7/n)

5. Shorts- In the last 5 days, BJP has done 1 short. Congress has done 4 shorts. AAP has done 8 shorts. AAP creates very engaging shorts with editing, music & speech. While Congress does decent shorts, & BJP does boring ones. Scores- AAP- 4, INC- 1.5, BJP- 0. (8/n)

6. Community tab- AAP is super active on its community tab with 4-5 posts a day, whereas- BJP last posted on its community tab 1 year ago. Congress has never even posted. Scores- AAP- 5, INC- 1.5, BJP- 0.5 (9/n)

7. Channels- While AAP has linked 9 channels to its main channel, BJP has done 0, & Congress has done 5 (out of which 2 are irrelevant). Also, AAP is starting new channels too. Scores- AAP- 6, INC- 2, BJP- 0.5 (10/n)

8. Engagement- AAP engages with its audience on regular basis whereas- Congress doesn't interact at all, And BJP keeps its comments off. Scores- AAP- 7, INC- 2.5, BJP- 0.5 (11/n)

Hence, Final scores- AAP- 7, INC- 2.5, BJP- 0.5 AAP is the clear winner here. They have understood how YouTube works, And are doing things accordingly. Other political parties, If you're not focusing on YouTube, you're missing out A LOT. Genuinely, A LOT. (12/n)

What do you think about AAP's YouTube Strategy? Got questions? Ask here or DM me! (13/n)

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