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Give me 32 seconds and I’ll show you how to maximize your testosterone (without steroids):

1. Lift Weights Heavy compound lifts stimulate testosterone production & muscle growth. Train in the 6-8 rep range and include: • Squats • DB Bench Press • Romanian Deadlifts • Chest Supported Row And sprint once every 7-10 days for added benefit.

2. Optimize Sleep You can easily increase testosterone by 200 ng/dL just by optimizing sleep. How can you optimize sleep? • Eat breakfast • Block blue light • Minimize caffeine • Finish dinner 2 hrs before bed • Wake up at the same time daily Aim for 7-9 hours per night.

3. Minimize Stress Stress increases both cortisol & estrogen (two hormones that tank testosterone). To minimize stress stop: • Drinking alcohol • Intermittent fasting • Consuming cheap dopamine • Eating seed oils, soy & most grains Then, follow the rest of this list.

4. Take Supplements The best supplement stack for increasing testosterone is: • Boron • Taurine • Magnesium Glycinate • Vitamin C (whole food) • Vitamin D & K2 (liquid form) Set a daily alarm reminding you to take them so you don’t forget.

5. Get Plenty of Sunlight Lack of sunlight leads to: anxiety, depression, thyroid problems, ED & low testosterone. While getting enough sunlight increases testosterone by up to 70%. Get at least an hour a day (ideally in the morning).

6. Talk to Attractive Women A study found that talking to an attractive woman for 5 minutes raised testosterone by 14%. So stop watching porn, destroying your dopamine, and living life on the sidelines. Get out there, man!

7. Eat a Nutrient-Dense Diet This combination of nutrients increases testosterone levels by up to 250%: Choline + Vitamin A + Vitamin D + Vitamin E + vitamin K2 + Zinc + Vitamin B3

You can get these nutrients by eating plenty of: Eggs + raw dairy + beef liver + oysters + coconut & olive oil + raw honey + garlic & onions + grass fed beef + white fish + bone marrow + fruits + mushrooms

How to maximize testosterone (without steroids): 1. Lift Weights 2. Optimize Sleep 3. Minimize Stress 4. Take Supplements 5. Get Plenty of Sunlight 6. Talk to Attractive Women 7. Eat a Nutrient-Dense Diet

P.S. @warrenenglish_ and I are looking for 2 men who want to: • Double testosterone • Shred 20-30lbs of fat • Build 5-10lbs of muscle In the next 90 days. (1.5 hours a week required) DM me "READY" and I'll send you the details. Click to DM me 👇

@WarrenEnglish_ This is for you if you've tried to get lean in the past but have failed (results guaranteed).

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