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Ecstatic to see Kyle Rittenhouse found NOT GUILTY, vindicated at long last in court. But we can’t pretend this is a permanent victory. THREAD:

This case reminded us that our justice system, like every other institution our ancestors built, is under siege, and that the besiegers are very close to victory

Every part of the prosecution’s case was built on lies and deception. The claimed Joseph Rosenbaum, a serial child rapist, wasn’t reaching for Kyle’s gun when eyewitnesses and video evidence both showed otherwise

They called Kyle a “coward” for not using his fists against his attackers, including an attacker about to shoot him in the head with a handgun

They claimed Kyle had no right to self-defense simply because he had a gun. They said that, when the mob overtook Kyle as he fled toward police, his legal duty was to lie down and be executed

There were reports of potential jurors being filmed before the trial even started, and activists have been threatening the jury to issue a guilty verdict or else.

Cori Bush, Joe Biden, Ayanna Pressley, Joy Reid, and others maliciously defamed Kyle with the intention of denying him a fair trial. They called him a “white supremacist” and “domestic terrorist,” without any evidence

But it went beyond defamation. GoFundMe blocked legal defense fundraisers for Kyle. So did Facebook: Later, when he raised the money through GiveSendGo, we saw organized efforts to dox and harm ordinary people who donated to his defense

A paramedic who donated $10 to Rittenhouse was doxed by Guardian/SPLC “journalist” Jason Wilson @jason_a_w using stolen data

Another person doxed in the same hack, a police officer in Norfolk VA, was fired from his job for a $25 donation (btw, remember when Twitter suppressed Hunter Biden’s laptop because stories based on hacked information were banned? What happened to that?)

All of this was done with the express intent of denying Kyle a fair trial, and destroying his life for defending himself from the violent mob progressives deliberately whipped up and supported in Kenosha

When lies like this run rampant w/o consequence, a republic like ours can’t survive. When a society celebrates Antifa looters, arsonists, and pedophiles as heroes, while turning brave people like Kyle Rittenhouse into villains, it is a society that is not long for this world

We need to be a country where heroes like Kyle Rittenhouse can thrive, not where they are destroyed to gratify a mentally ill, malicious mob and a mentally ill, malicious media

The mob that targeted this kid -- Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber, Gaige Grosskreutz, Jason Wilson, Jason Nguyen, Joy Reid, Cori Bush, Joe Biden -- that mob has power. More than you. That's got to change.

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