you are not changing anything: a thread.

when we first get into the law, we often think that we have to change something, make change happen, create something but when we understand creation is finished, everything actually already exists.

there are infinite states of consciousness and therefore there are infinite things that can exist because our life is our consciousness reflected back to us. if you can imagine it, it exists.

if everything already exists to consciousness, which means its already created then nothing needs to be made, it only needs to be recognised as something you already have.

there is a version of you out there that already has the thing you want, you don’t need to create it or become it, you just need to recognise you have/are it. we try so hard to make something happen when it already exists for us, we just need to become aware of that.

you don’t need to create a new job for yourself, create that relationship or that pink car you’ve always wanted. that’s already been created so all you need to do is be aware that you already are the version of you that has it. you don’t need to become, you already are.

we think that we’re manifesting the thing we want because it doesn’t already exist and every day we’re waiting for it to be created. however it does exist already, we’re actually waiting for it just to become visible whilst being invisible.

if i had an apple in my bag whilst talking to you, you can’t see the apple but it already exists. if i take the apple out of my bag, it appeared. it wasn’t created, it wasn’t manifested into something, no it was already there, you just focused on it being there.

that’s all you’re doing. you’re not making the apple or creating it. you’re not making it happen or changing reality. you’re not bringing it to u because i already had it in my bag. you’re recognising the presence of the apple. you’re recognising it’s already there.

i think we tend to get caught up in the idea that we’re creating something, something that doesn’t exist and we’re waiting for it to exist. but actually, we’re calling it into focus. we’re calling something to be seen that is unseen but DOES already exist.

it’s like something in a movie being invisible, it exists but you just can’t see it and then it’s suddenly visible. it always existed, it was always there, you just suddenly became aware of it being there.

if all versions of me and everyone exist at the same time and there’s a version of me that has it then i am not creating what i want, i am becoming aware that i already own it. im not making anything happen, i already have it. im not changing anyone, they already are it.

im not changing my circumstances, i simply move to which version of myself that has it already. i don’t have to change my circumstances, i change my focus. my focus is my consciousness and my consciousness makes up my world.

you’re not creating anything, you’re only becoming aware of what already exists.

here are some quotes by neville to match this:

“This is what is meant by creation and the statement that creation is finished means that nothing is ever to be created, it is only to be manifested. What is called creativeness is only becoming aware of what already is."

“All that you could ever desire is already present and only waits to be matched by your beliefs”

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