There You Go Making My Heart Beat Again

There You Go Making My Heart Beat Again



11.0 Chapter 11

11.0.5 Time Jump: One (1) Month Later

11.1 Winter Break is upon us

11.2 The priv tweets tho…

11.3 The obliviousness is unreal

11.4 (Nick’s POV) RWTLGBT(+A) discuss Secret Santa

11.5 The snow finally comes

11.6 Someone keeps their promise

11.7 The West Pasture is so unreal

11.8 This day is too much to not share

11.9 Looks like they weren’t the only ones “hanging out”

11.10 (Nick’s POV) They sadly must say good night…

11.11 (Darcy’s POV) A new gc is formed…

11.12 (Darcy’s POV) NCNA continued

11.13 It would seem some Nelson family time is in order

11.14 Secret Santa night arrives

11.15 With the arrival of Christmas Eve, a special announcement is made (only date that matters is the one on the flyer in the second image)

11.16 End of Chapter 11

12.0 Chapter 12

12.1 (Elle’s POV) Elle isn’t happy…

12.2 Taoelle confirmed

12.3 (Nick’s POV) RWTLGBT(+A) Reacts

12.4 Flashback Time

12.5 (Nick’s POV) RWTLGBT(+A) Reacts, Again

12.6 (Imogen’s POV) She just needs advice from her cousin

12.7 (Sahar’s POV) Another new gc???

12.8 Bossingham twt discusses the upcoming festival

12.9 (Nick’s POV) RWTLGBT(+A) discusses the festival

12.10 (Nick’s POV) Charlie is nervous about the Festival

12.11 End of Chapter 12

13.0 Chapter 13

13.1 I’m sorry… WHAT????

13.2 (Nick’s POV) Kissing the Lads xx

13.3 Will it tho?

13.4 The Festival Begins

13.5 Bossingham tweets through the night (1/3)

13.6 There’s no fun like snow fun

13.7 Bossingham tweets through the night (2/3)

13.8 The Countdown

13.9 The Countdown (Narlie’s Version)

13.10 Can this night get worse?

13.11 (Nick’s POV) Mumma Nelson has a surprise?

13.12 Update: It got worse…

13.13 End of Chapter 13

A friend of mine offered to draw any scene from my AU, and I of course picked 6.3 where Charlie arrives at the Halloween Festival and Nick sees him in his costume. Since I wrote that scene, I’ve wanted to see it visually, and now we all can!! THANK YOU SO MUCH NIC FOR THIS!!!

BC 2.0 Bonus Chapter 2

BC 2.1 Imogen’s thoughts post-nye-kiss via priv (not actually posted just easier to convey thoughts this way)

BC 2.2 Sahar’s thoughts post-nye-kiss via priv (not actually posted just easier to convey thoughts this way)

BC 2.3 (Imogen’s POV) Imogen makes the first move this time (not actual texts, just made it easier for this BC to show this convo via text)

BC 2.4 It sure is a date

BC 2.5 (Imogen’s POV) Post-Date Texts

BC 2.6 Something happens on twt??

BC 2.7 End of Bonus Chapter 2

✨Major Character Profiles✨ (Twt Accs Updated)

Tao Xu & Elle Argent

Imogen Heaney & Sahar Zahid

14.0 Chapter 14

14.1 Nick arrives at the farm house

14.2 Nick talks to his Mum

14.3 (Nick’s POV) Tara’s been texting Nick

14.4 (Charlie’s POV) Charlie tries to text Nick the next day

14.5 Charlie escapes to his priv

14.6 (Darcy’s POV) NCNA discusses some things (1/2)

14.7 Nick decompresses the best way he knows how (I shortened the song for reasons that you’ll see in the next tweet.)

14.7.5 Author’s Note: This video is to illustrate what’s going through Nick’s mind as he sings (as mentioned in 14.7 of TYGMMHBA). He’s thinking of his memories with Charlie and all that they’ve been through together and what this all means for how Nick truly feels for Charlie.

14.8 Nick’s Journal Entry

14.9 (Tara’s POV) Sarah Nelson is that mum

14.10 Some concerning privs (1/2)

14.11 Some concerning privs (2/2)

14.12 (Darcy’s POV) NCNA discusses some things (2/2)

14.13 Well that’s not concerning at all…

14.14 That was a lie, of course it’s concerning!

14.15 End of Chapter 14

15.0 Chapter 15

15.1 Nelson Brother “Banter” (CW// David Nelson Shittiness, mentions of homophobia, intimidation, manipulation, and outing)

15.2 Poor Nicky

15.3 (Darcy’s POV) NCNA does a quick check in

15.4 (Imogen’s POV) NCA gc makes a little comeback

15.5 (Elle’s POV) So does Charlie’s Protectors

15.6 (Nick’s POV) TG+TC too?!?

15.7 Well, at least they talked, right?

15.8 (Imogen’s POV) They’re given the green light

15.9 Do these rings make their hands look fat?

15.10 Bossingham Back to School tweets

15.11 They have to talk in form, right?

15.12 Oh… (1/2)

15.13 Oh… (2/2)

15.14 (Nick’s POV) Wrong gc, Darcy…

15.15 (Imogen’s POV) Right gc, Darcy

15.16 (Charlie’s POV) What could Darcy possibly want?

15.17 The scheme has begun

15.18 Sorry, say that again?

15.19 Well, what are you gonna do?

15.20 Run Charlie Run! (CW// Mentions of Ben Hope Shittiness, just without saying his name)

15.21 End of Chapter 15

16.0 Chapter 16

16.1 00:48-00:54

16.2 (Sarah’s POV) Somebody’s nosy

16.3 00:42-00:47

16.4 (Nick’s POV) Concerned mum

16.5 01:21-01:25

16.6 Access has been granted again

16.7 (Charlie’s POV) This gc is a little overdue for a revival

16.8 Thank you

16.9 (Nick’s POV) Finally!

16.10 Somebody’s proud

16.11 The drive home

16.12 (Nick’s POV) He’s not even home yet

16.13 Yelling is never a good sign…

16.14 (Charlie’s POV) Oh no…

16.15 What happened after Nick snuck to his room

16.16 End of Chapter 16

So, I was recently made aware that Youssef’s true nationality is that he’s Arab. I didn’t know of this when I first chose a faceclaim for him. I apologize deeply for my mistake, and I have redone Youssef’s profile. If I could go back and change the previous posts, I would, (1/2)

but sadly twitter doesn’t yet have an edit option. So here’s Youssef’s updated profile, and from now I will not be using photos of Andrew Scott anymore. Again, I’d like to apologize for my mistake and if my actions hurt or offended anyone, I am so so sorry. (2/2)

17.0 Chapter 17

17.1 (Charlie’s POV) Some texts AND a call (CW// Mentions of David Nelson Shittiness, Outing)

17.2 Back to the privs

17.3 (Darcy’s POV) What happened now?

17.4 The morning after

17.5 (Nick’s POV) Good Morning texts

17.6 Morning Tea in a Conservatory

17.7 Then 2 became 4 (CW// Itty bitty reference back to Ben Hope, but not by name)

17.8 (Nick’s POV) Why can’t the peace ever last? (CW// David Nelson Shittiness, homophobia, manipulation and threatening)

17.9 (Charlie’s POV) He had to go.. (CW// Mentions of David Nelson and indirect mentions of potential violence)

17.10 David can’t ruin this day

17.11 (Nick’s POV) How could we forget about the spring season?

17.12 Bossingham Twt Doesn’t Miss A Thing

17.13 (Nick’s POV) Damn regulations…

17.14 (Charlie’s POV) A solution?

17.15 Are we doing this?

17.16 (Nick’s POV) We’re doing this.

17.17 End of Chapter 17

18.0 Chapter 18

18.1 (Nick’s POV) Welcome Charlie!

18.2 Bossingham Twt knows already?!?

18.3 (Charlie’s POV) Haha gotcha!

18.4 The First Practice

18.5 (Otis’s POV) [Insert DJ Khaled “Another One” GIF]

18.6 (Charlie’s POV) What was he thinking?

18.7 Charlie’s Practices via Priv Tweets (1/2)

18.8 Charlie’s Practices via Priv Tweets (2/2)

18.9 The First Game is officially announced

18.10 (Charlie’s POV) Uh oh… (CW// Mentions of a background character experiencing a death in the family)

18.11 (Charlie’s POV) Guess who’s playing in the first game of the season?!

18.12 Bossingham Twt pre-game

18.13 Bossingham Twt during the game

18.14 They won!!

18.15 Victory celebration is where??

18.16 End of Chapter 18

19.0 Chapter 19

19.1 Finally alone

19.2 (Otis’s POV) I’m not blind, right?

19.3 Nobody said it would be easy

19.4 The Music Room?

19.5 (Nick’s POV) Why can’t he just leave them alone?

19.6 This is getting hard to ignore

19.7 What is going on?

19.8 Thinking things

19.9 (Darcy’s POV) He needs help

19.10 Well well well

19.11 Let the scheming begin

19.12 The Scheme

19.13 End of Chapter 19

BC 3.0 Bonus Chapter 3

BC 3.1 (Tara’s POV) Get Ready

BC 3.2 A Night Out

BC 3.3 Date Tweets (1/2)

BC 3.4 Date Tweets (2/2)

BC 3.5 (Tara’s POV) Tap Tap Tap

BC 3.6 A Night In

BC 3.7 End of Bonus Chapter 3

20.0 Chapter 20

20.1 (Nick’s POV) What’s going on? (1/2)

20.2 (Imogen’s POV) What’s going on? (2/2)

20.3 The announcement is here

20.4 (Charlie’s POV) Where are you?

20.5 Slight déjà vu

20.5.5 This is the instrumental piece Nick plays for Charlie in 20.5

20.6 (Imogen’s POV) I have an idea (1/2)

20.7 (Charlie’s POV) What is this?

20.8 (Otis’s POV) I have an idea (2/2)

20.9 (Nick’s POV) Hey lads?

20.10 Um… slight panic

20.11 (Nick’s POV) Sorry Lads

20.12 (Otis’s POV) Slightly Concerned

20.13 End of Chapter 20

21.0 Chapter 21

21.1 (Charlie’s POV) Who’s excited for tomorrow?

21.2 Distractions distractions

21.3 (Charlie’s POV) It’s okay…

21.4 (Charlie’s POV) It’s time!

21.5 Milkshakes Milkshakes! (1/2)

21.6 Milkshakes Milkshakes! (2/2)

21.7 Lights Camera Snap!

21.8 Concert Night! (1/2)

21.9 Concert Night! (2/2)

21.10 (Nick’s POV) Enough is Enough (CW// David Nelson shittiness)

21.11 (Darcy’s POV) Can’t wait any longer

21.12 It’s now or never

21.13 End of Chapter 21

22.0 Chapter 22

22.0.5 Phase 1

22.1 Forgive them

22.2 (Sarah’s POV) No hesitation

22.3 Entering the Office

22.4 (Darcy’s POV) All good to go

22.4.5 Phase 2

22.5 Prayers are appreciated

22.6 Entering the lion’s den

22.7 That’s ominous

22.8 (Darcy’s POV) Proximity Alert!

22.8.5 Phases 3 & 4

22.9 Least favorite part

22.10 Time to get to work

22.11 Oh…

22.12 (Nick’s POV) Oh no

22.13 End of Chapter 22

23.0 Chapter 23

23.0.5 Phase 5

23.1 Fuck it, we ball

23.2 The Meeting

23.3 (Charlie’s POV) What’s going on?

23.4 (Sarah’s POV) We need to talk

23.5 The Confrontation

23.6 What to do, what to do

23.7 Nobody cares dude

23.8 (Darcy’s POV) Debrief time

23.9 Time to tweet

23.10 Leave quietly? Not his style. (CW// David Nelson Shittiness, Homophobia, Use of a Slur)

23.11 (Nick’s POV) Of course he’s gonna text him

23.12 Uh oh…

23.13 End of Chapter 23

24.0 Chapter 24

24.1 (Nick’s POV) Nick seeks out help

24.2 (Charlie’s POV) He knew they’d come sooner or later

24.3 Flashback time again (CW// David Nelson Shittiness, manipulation, etc)

24.4 (Charlie’s POV) He doesn’t want to talk anymore

24.5 (Nick’s POV) Ofc they tell the others (CW// Mentions of past violence, Mentions of David Nelson shittiness, Mentions of Mental Health Issues)

24.6 (Charlie’s POV) Uh oh…

24.7 (Nick’s POV) Oh no…

24.8 (Otis’s POV) So…

24.9 (Nick’s POV) Lads gotta check in

24.10 It hurts so much

24.11 (Nick’s POV) So an idea

24.12 Thanks for coming

24.13 (Nick’s POV) So let’s recap

24.14 An announcement is made (The only date that matters is the date on the actual flyer)

24.15 End of Chapter 24

BC 4.0 Bonus Chapter 4 (The Last Bonus Chapter)

BC 4.1 (Nick’s POV) Somebody forgot something…

BC 4.2 Is he finally ready?

BC 4.3 (Nick’s POV) One small step

BC 4.4 Can he actually do it now?

BC 4.5 One Giant Leap

BC 4.6 End of Bonus Chapter 4

25.0 Chapter 25

25.1 Bossingham Twt Reacts

25.2 (Nick’s POV) Never give up (Each image represents a different day of Nick texting Charlie)

25.3 Thinking thoughts

25.4 Really in his feels

25.5 The Art Room

25.6 Post-Talk Priv Tweets (1/2)

25.7 The Locker Room

25.8 Post-Talk Priv Tweets (2/2)

25.9 (Nick’s POV) Taking a step

25.10 Taking the plunge

25.11 End of Chapter 25

26.0 Chapter 26

26.1 Gotta priv tweet about it

26.2 (Nick’s POV) Of course they’ve got to know

26.3 Bossingham Twt is so excited

26.4 (Nick’s POV) Pre-Showcase Check-In

26.5 (Charlie’s POV) TQ+T is still here

26.6 Gotta convince him somehow

26.7 (Nick’s POV) Plan is A-Go

26.8 The Showcase is about to begin

26.9 Nerves Nerves Nerves

26.10 A Nice Surprise (?)

26.11 (Nick’s POV) What the-

26.12 Of course he ran there

26.13 End of Chapter 26

27.0 Chapter 27

27.1 What he really wants (The song clip is from “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes.)

27.2 (Nick’s POV) Someone isn’t answering

27.3 They can tweet but they can’t text?

27.4 (Nick’s POV) He finally responds

27.5 And ofc more tweets

27.6 So, a question? So, an answer.

27.7 Some updates to the privs, I see

27.7.5 Time Jump: Two (2) Weeks Later

27.8 Nerves and DNIs

27.9 (Charlie’s POV) So, nerves?

27.10 First Date Cuteness Overload (1/2)

27.11 First Date Cuteness Overload (2/2)

27.11.5 Time Jump: Two (2) Months Later

27.12 Another announcement??? (The only dates that matter are the ones on the flyer in the second image. Yes, it’s now early June of 2023 in this au.)

27.13 End of Chapter 27

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