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Ben Tossell



The AI hype train won't stop. Why? There’s already important use cases solving real problems:

1/ You can replicate yourself with deepfake technology. Plenty of poor use cases come to mind, but if you’re the one holding the remote control to your own deepfake avatar, it could be valuable.

2/ Cool avatars - can show me a picture of me and my friends on a beach, or me and my wife in the maldives. Even if it didn’t happen you could generate it.

3/ Generates detailed text from prompts Writing is done 10x as fast. It isn’t as good as humans yet. But it sure as hell can improve speed and output with a human editor.

4/ Generates amazing art in a fraction of the time it would take a human to create it.

5/ Helps developers write cleaner code faster

6/ Brings back voices from dead people Joe Rogan talks with Steve Jobs and the conversation sounds real

7/ Replicates your voice so any text can be read in your own voice. Will authors even need to read their audiobooks aloud in the future?

8/ Makes using tools easier (Figma, Notion, Canva)

9/ Can predict the best moves in complex games and beat humans (Go, Chess, Starcraft). Because it beats humans, we can learn from it.

11/ Facial recognition can be used for security of hardware devices (iPhone, etc). It has dozens of other use cases (some are controversial)

12/ Driving assist is powered by AI

13/ Predicts protein structure Alphafold and Meta, among others, are solving protein structure prediction. Huge implications for drug targets, drug discovery, understanding what genes regulate different functions in the body, etc.

14/ Interior design options are faster, cheaper, and maybe better with AI.

15/ Future use case: Generative Engines answer questions better than Search Engines. Google can only answer the questions people have written about. There are millions of questions with imprecise answers. Generative AI engines are likely to answer these better.

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