atsumu // nsfw masturbation voyeurism it's the risk, atsumu thinks. the sheer exhilaration of getting caught touching himself. he hasn't been caught yet, though. but when his mind goes blank with pleasure? anyone could be watching.

he keeps his door propped open, just an inch. touches himself in the locker room showers. fingers deep inside him when he skives off of dinner, hoping his road roomie doesn't come back too early. they never do.

right now? he's in his room, naked over his sheets, making himself hiss and mewl while he toys with his nipples over and over. he's got a hand around his cock, too, pumping it slowly and idly, wrist twisting more for the art than pleasure. it's the best show no one's watching.

atsumu knows he's pretty, knows he's hot. but most importantly? he knows he's worth the risk. he wants someone to stuff a fist in their mouth and watch him from the shadows while he fucks himself, a hand shoved down their pants to tug them to an illicit orgasm.

he wants to feel a stiff breeze cross his nipples when they press the door open a little too far to stay hidden. wants someone to send him a picture they couldn't possibly have taken; atsumu, sucking down a dildo. atsumu, ass stuffed full of toys. atsumu, vulnerable.

the idea of it - someone sending him a video of himself, splayed out and beautiful, thinking he's alone? - makes him cry out, especially when he pinches his nipple and tightens his grip. but the sound from the hallway? a stalled footstep? a shocked gasp?

and then the thick silence of someone trying their damnedest to be quiet, to listen closer, to see if atsumu is - "ahh! p-please!" he calls out, thrusting into his own hand. then he listens to the quiet. no footsteps. no one walking away. that's when he's won.

it could be meian, with his big hands and warm face. could be bokuto, a chest that goes on for miles. could be anyone, really, even a stranger slipping up their dorm room stairs. atsumu doesn't know. he doesn't really care. he just wants to be /seen./

and when he gets off, finally, cum shooting into his hand, the thought of someone's eyes on him through the crack in the door, watching him twist and writhe in orgasm, body gleaming with sweat and lube, nipples puffy and ruined - he hears footsteps, walking rapidly away.

a shadow in the crack in the doorway. it's a shame, really, he thinks as he sucks the cum off of his fingers, because they missed the best part. he's always wanted to invite someone in. (fin)

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