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Disappear for 6 months, do these and set yourself 10 years ahead in life...

1. Visualise your life for at least 10 minutes daily Life gets overwhelming. Spend time alone and; • Go back in time • Evaluate progress • Create new plans and strategies Life gets better this way.

2. Cut your screen time to at least 4 or 5 hours/day The more the time you spend on social media, the more the problems you have. Spend more time offscreen and; • Build a business • Learn new skills • Develop what you have Then keep up with the world later.

3. Avoid alcohol and drugs as a way of running away from reality You can run but can't hide. Do this; • Stay sober • Face yourself • Focus on what you can fix If you must be celebrating a win. You'll have to face what you constantly run from.

4. Eat clean Take in a lot of; - Milk (Recommended: Raw milk) - 3-6 Eggs (slock several daily) - Meat - Fruits - Water - Vegetables Healthy eating is simple and smooth.

5. Stay fit You don't have to overthink this, Do basic exercises like; - Mountain climbers - Push ups - Pull ups - Sit ups - Squats - Bike rides - Walk 5,000 steps Your body weight is enough to keep you fit.

6. Build a strong circle of friends. You don't need a bunch of friends. You should never trust a person with a lot of friends. 3-4 friends who share a common course are enough. Always ask: How's this friend of benefit now and in future?

7. Spend at least 100 minutes reading daily It doesn't have to be educational or business related. Read books on; - History - Philosophy - Group dynamics You'll be smarter than 99% of people around you.

8. Spend time alone in nature Quiet environment is great for creativity. Do this; • Have a notebook • Sit still or walk around • Write down your thoughts You'll avoid brain fog and find answers to most of your problems.

9. Travel more If possible move away from home. The experience is priceless and no book will teach you that.

10. Make as much money as you can. You should know money determines; • The respect you get • The friends you'll make • Your position in the society • Opportunities you'll be exposed to 90% of your problems are solvable with more money.

Your company is the best... That's why I want you to win. Follow @Copywriting_Dad for more lessons on; • Making Money Online • Audience building • Persuasive writing • Copywriting • Productivity • Creativity • Writing • Virality • Life I Adore You —So much ?

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