NEO (Only Truth)

NEO (Only Truth)



Every Hindu must have following stuff at their Home (Thread) 1. A Big Sharp Knife - Its summer n coconut water is best, why to waste money just to cut coconut. U can buy coconut at wholesale rate at Rs 10-Rs 15 then why to waste Rs 30 for just cutting of coconut

2. A 0.17 caliber air gun - U wanted to learn shooting but u cud not learn its ok. U can buy it and do shooting. No license required 3. 20 Kg Bleaching Powder- 10 gm required for 1 lit water, can be used for sterilization of drinking water. Be careful its very dangerous for skin

4. 10 Lt Acid - to clean the toilets 5. 50 empty glass bottle of cold drinks - Guest can come any time, so its better to serve them glass bottles. 6. A 3 feet sword - Its used at the time of marriage, also on festivals like dussera

7. two to four Liter petrol/diesel - Prices of petrol going up, we don't know when ur vehicle tank get empty so safer side. Kerosene can also be used for stove 8. Around 50 - 100 bricks on stone, can be useful when u want to construct extra room

9. Stock of chilly powder - So that can be used all year for cooking 10. eight to ten sticks - To use for flags on festivals. Any more item u want to suggest ? Happy #ramnavmi2022 to all.

Item No 11 Suggested by @Abhishe34653896 Everyone can't keep but those who can afford. There r many health benefits to keep pet at home

I m only talking abt day to day items for house keeping. I am not taking abt this ?

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