Lynd’s heart is broken ;-; ☾⋆。˚

Lynd’s heart is broken ;-; ☾⋆。˚



Miya 4 drinking night in and it’s OsaSuna and SakuAtsu drunkenly roasting each other in increasingly creative ways until someone passes out Half way through the twins get emotional about how much they actually love each other and

“Ya know—hic—I never mean it—hic—when I say I hate ya.” “Yer my favourite Samu” and “No no YOU are my favourite Tsumu ya bastard” They end up crying on each other a bit while Kiyoomi and Rin make pained eye contact and acknowledge they’re in love with two idiots

The night always concludes in a cuddle pile that all 4 participants never acknowledge in the morning Osamu makes breakfast and Omi passes around some much needed painkillers “We’re never doing this again,” they say, and end up having a repeat the following weekend

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