revereri 🫠 suffering

revereri 🫠 suffering



#miyacestober2022 day 27 • care // "mmmm marry me, tsumu." osamu was delirious, at the height of his fever, but his words made atsumu smile nonethless. he brushed back osamu's sweaty bangs and pressed the towel to his forehead. +

"yeah?" he teased, "why don'tcha ask me that when you're better, and i might actually consider it." he stood up, ready to leave, but osamu's hand clasped his wrist. "stay," he breathed, struggling to keep his eyes open. atsumu lay down next to him, +

but couldn't help rolling his eyes. "and who was it that was so determined to go to work this morning, /despite/ how sick he was?" it was sort of funny, actually. osamu was clearly sick, sniffling and sneezing every two seconds, complaining of a headache. +

but he loved his store so much, and he was determined to go, despite his condition, until atsumu pointed out that he was probably breaking a dozen health safety rules if he did. 'and what if ya get yer germs on the onigiri and get yer customers sick too?' +

had been the thing to make osamu think clearly for the first time that morning. he clearly had no qualms about transferring his germs onto atsumu, though, snuggling close to his brother and burying his face into his neck. it was a bit uncomfortable, +

osamu was burning up and all sweaty, but older brothers were supposed to take care of their little brothers, so atsumu let him be, turning around so he could gather osamu into his arms and hold him close. he ran a soothing hand down osamu's back, down his side, +

through his hair, trying to soothe him. osamu shivered, but relaxed into his hold. "that's it," atsumu whispered, "get some rest, 'kay?" unsurprisingly, a few days later atsumu found himself coming down with a cough. at first he thought it might've been the cold weather, +

or maybe some dust, but then he felt himself feeling more fatigued than normal after practice, and his nose was runny, and he realised—osamu /did/ get him sick. he texted his twin right away, petulantly, to complain. +

'samuuuuuuuuuuu ya got me sick, ya big baddie! come take care of me >:(' osamu didn't reply right away, which was understandable considering he was back to working at his restaurant, but it still made atsumu upset. +

he stomped his feet the entire way home, feeling too sick to care about looking childish. when he pulled up to his door, however, he was greeted with the most wonderful sight. his twin, standing just outside it, holding a bunch of bags in hand. +

"samu!" atsumu exclaimed, loud enough that it made osamu wince and shush him. but he didn't care. osamu was here! he ran up to him and threw his arms around him. "oi oi oi, be careful! i've got soup in here. and i don't want yer sickness all over me." +

atsumu huffed. "big talk from /ya/, who got me like this in the first place." osamu rolled his eyes, jerking his head towards the door. "just let me in." atsumu stubbornly did /not/ let osamu in, the two of them glaring at each other in the doorway. +

he wasn't going to break, he would stand strong. but then osamu said, "do ya want me ta take care of ya or not? open up." and atsumu cracked immediately. he unlocked his door and dragged osamu in so fast osamu almost dropped everything. +

he chastised atsumu for it but atsumu didn't care, he was too busy shucking off all his clothes and climbing into his comforting bed, waiting for his brother to come take care of him.

// LMAO i got distracted partway through this and forgot how i started it, the 'marry me' thing was definitely 100% meant to come back at some point, i think after osamu recovered and atsumu was like 'do ya even remember the shit ya said when you were sick?' +

and osamu very seriously replied, 'of course i do. marry me.' alternatively, osamu /doesn't/ remember and it gets revealed when /atsumu/ feverishly says, 'remember when ya asked me ta marry ya, samu? i'll do it, i swear. +

grab a celebrant right now, let's get married.' and osamu is like ?!?!!??! when did i even propose?? is he just out of his mind right now??? but why do i want to do it anyway??? anyway all that to say, they are in love

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