Bryttdaffodil🌼(Fic&thread comms open)

Bryttdaffodil🌼(Fic&thread comms open)



SkTs Atsumu thought it was funny, thought it was pretty clever. Dressing up as a blood bag had been easy. Wearing red long John’s, slapping an O negative sticker on his chest, and making a hat that looked like a large straw. “It’s not funny,” Sakusa grumbled as he handed out

candy to the newest batch of children at their door. “But I’m yer little blood bag! Yer favorite beverage! Yer tasty drink!” Atsumu pointed to where Sakusa’s name was proudly scrawled on the back of his costume. Sakusa snapped his fangs slightly, growling. “You are so

annoying.” Atsumu grinned, tilting his head to show off the long expanse of his pretty neck. “Is it a lie? Ya don’t want to drink from me anymore? I should just keep all this tasty blood inside? I’m not yer little Capri Sun anymore?” Sakusa tackled him, running his fangs over

Atsumu’s pulse point. “You’re a tease is what you are. Can’t even go a few hours without my teeth in you.” Atsumu moaned, grinding against Sakusa as teeth broke through his skin. They missed several rounds of trick or treaters. “I knew I was yer favorite drink.” “Mine.”

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