Supertrend-Relative Strength Strategy for Positional and Swing Trading A thread ? on Supertrend and Relative Strength ! Retweet and share if you find it helpful ! 1/n

What is Relative Strength ? ?Relative strength is a strategy used inĀ momentum investingĀ and in identifying value stocks. ?It focuses on investing in stocks or other investments that have performed well relative to the market as a whole or to a relevantĀ benchmark. 2/n

Conditions of Relative Strenght Relative Strength has a reference zero line Line >0 Stock is Outperforming Line <0 Stock is Underperforming RS period 65 as we have around 65 trading days in 3 month RS reference as Nifty50 as benchmark index as 3/n @kuttrapali26

Outperformance Vs Underperformance 4/n

How to apply in #tradingview Type ā€œRelative Strengthā€ Choose any By bharattrader By traderlion By Modhelius I use by bharattrader In setting use 65 period 5/n

SuperTrend : It is TrendFollowing Indicator That generates Buy / Sell signals based on the ATR value or volatility of the stock Supertrend also works as a trailing stop-loss for the existing trades Best on daily time frame 6/n

Supertrend Conditions Works Best on 10 , 3 settings One can try and backtest on 10 ,2 at own also ! Doesnt Work well in Sideways Zone as it is trend following indicator @Techno_Charts 7/n

Buy Signal Rules Stock above 50 ema SuperTrend turned Positive Rs line increasing and in positive Volume up on updays and down on downdays Daily Time only Stock has to be in clear Uptrend for buy and Ideally near 52 week High @MarketScientist 8/n

Target 10 to 15 %or can be trailed using 50/ ema Stop loss max 7 ā€“ 10 % in any case or nearest swing whichever is less Ideal stop loss 5% Position size 5-7% In case you have to enter fresh when both are already positive enter on High Volume Breakouts Example Shared at 430 9/n

Sideways Stock Supertrend tends to give too many signals in sideways stocks hence its advised to only take trades based on breakout of range in this . No trend following works in sideways market hence its best to stay sideways or looks for proper oppurtunities 10/n

Sell Signal Rules Stock Below 50 ema Supertrend Negative Rs line decreasing and negative Price near resistance or bearish patterns like double tops etc Daily Time only Stock below 20% of 52 week high volume Increasing on sell side @premalparekh 11/n

Target 10 to 15 %or can be trailed using 50/21 ema Stop loss max 7 - 10 % in any case or nearest swing whichever is less Ideal stop loss 5% Position size 5 - 7 % A similar Setup was shared by @vivbajaj Sir on 2 hour Tf on youtube can check it out ! One can even Modify This 12/

To learn More about Relative Strength Swing Trading Mentorship Starting this Sunday 16 Jan Intrested people Dm Link for Enquiry 13/n

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