#haikaveh 🔞 kaveh, his roommate, is broke. he’s been in a monetary crisis for a while now, and he knows kaveh is currently trying to fix it by being a part-timer at a cafe near the campus. alhaitham never hears the end of it whenever kaveh starts complaining

about his job, or the people he has to deal with in his job. there’s the rude customer, the flirty one, the impatient one, the too-shy-to-speak-louder one, kaveh could make a list of it but he’s too busy whining in alhaitham’s bed every night. “why don’t you find another job?”

alhaitham would ask, he sympathizes with kaveh since he, too, had been in that position once. “what other job could i find here? i’m having a hard time to find one to match my schedule! the cafe is kind enough to let me work there any time i’m free.”

“then you should stop complaining and try to be more grateful.” he sympathizes with him, but kaveh is kaveh. he always has the ability to get under his skin. “i know, but… haithaaam! i need a bigger salary!” alhaitham decided that it’s enough whiny kaveh for the night.

kaveh has been working really hard for the past few days, leaving no room for him to whine in his bed. alhaitham rarely sees him outside the campus, even though they’re practically roommates. kaveh is almost always out in the evening, coming back past midnight or

the day after. “i have night shifts now.” kaveh says to him out of nowhere, as if he could smell the curiosity alhaitham tries to conceal underneath his aloof exterior. “i’m taking my keys with me everywhere i go, don’t wanna get locked out in the middle of the night.”

alhaitham lets him do whatever, he’s already busy with his classes and his own job anyway. that is until he caught a glimpse of his roommate going into a night club on a thursday night. “clubbing? really?” is that why he always complains? he could never get enough

money because he’s been clubbing? he knows kaveh likes to party, but spending his money like this isn’t wise. it irks him. for a good reason. kaveh is his roommate, he desperately looked for a job to pay the rent. so this is why he couldn’t pay the rent.

with the intention to drag his senior back, alhaitham makes his way into the club. a few steps in, and he considers going back. but he’s determined to find kaveh in the sea of people. alhaitham scrunches his nose. the stench of alcohol mixed with sweat, it disgust him.

he carefully walk past the dance floor, going to the vacant seat on the bar in order to get away from the people dancing. once he’s there, he takes a few deep breaths. it’s difficult to even get a good look on one’s face due to the poor lighting. not to mention,

there’s a lot of people here. so many blondes, around the same height as his senior as well. as he scanned the room once again, the stage lit up, and the music stops, so are the people dancing. they all look up to the stage, alhaitham is no exception.

“…our next sweetheart here is relatively new, but he managed to steal our hearts so easily! let’s cheer him on, carmine!” there’s a loud cheers and clapping from the audience, some has their fist up in the air, some spilling their drinks. alhaitham pays no mind

as his teal gaze solely focused on the velvet curtains, the music starts to play again. and soon, the curtains are pushed open. the dancer walks out slowly, in sync with the rhythm of the music. he’s clad in a black pleather bodysuit that accentuate his slender waist.

his blond hair is tied up in a ponytail, bounces at every move, showing the perfect view to his neck. alhaitham gaze falls to thigh high boots and black sheer tights that hides the expanse of smooth, milky skin. when he looks up again, he found the prettiest red eyes.

one that reminds him of his senior’s. although alhaitham isn’t quite sure yet with how the dancer’s upper face is concealed with a lace mask. he just knows those eyes are kaveh’s. he had never seen the most gorgeous shade of red in someone’s eyes other than his.

and it got his heart beating so fast, racing in his chest ─ at the mischievous smile etched upon the dancer’s lips as he starts to move. alhaitham rarely took interest in such thing, but the way ‘carmine’ sway his hips is effortlessly sensual, like it’s very natural

for him to move that way. each and every move had alhaitham staring, clearly it piqued his interest now. the gray haired male had to suck in a deep breath as the dancer starts to dance around the pole in the middle, so sensual and it’s so mesmerizing to watch.

and then those gleaming red orbs found his enchanted teal, locked in a heated gaze ─ alhaitham gulps, sweat trickles down his cheek. not once did the dancer averts his gaze from him. it’s almost like he’s the one being watched, not the other way around.

and before he knows it, the show ends. carmine smiles shyly at the audience before he walks off the stage with the same amount of confidence the moment he walks into the stage. alhaitham is spellbound. is it the way he moves? or is it the fact that deep down,

he knows it’s kaveh? his senior? his roommate, whom he had been harboring a deep admiration for? that he’s been in love with for the past four years?

kaveh comes home the next morning, with a dark circles around his eyes that he doesn’t bother hiding. he doesn’t say a word or even bother sparing a glance over at alhaitham, who is awake, and flops right onto his bed. if his assumption was true, it’s only natural

that kaveh didn’t get much sleep last night. and alhaitham has been up all night. he couldn’t sleep, not when the image of him dancing occupied his mind. and the thing is, that shouldn’t even be the only thing filled his thoughts, alas he laid down on his bed,

eyes up on the ceiling, fighting the urge to give his tense body some relief. how should he feel about this? ‘why should i be affected by this?’ kaveh is merely his senior and roommate. whose rent has been due for about three months. if kaveh is making money,

he shouldn’t care what he does as long as he paid him, right? after all, alhaitham was the one to cover his rent for those three months. whatever kaveh does shouldn’t affect him much, after all, they’re nothing but roommates. and alhaitham is keen to keep it that way.

it’s been three days, and kaveh is sure that alhaitham knows. otherwise, why would he bother getting into a club that night? staying near the bar, with no drinks or anyone with him, all he did was to watch him. and it’s been three days of no talking, not even

a simple greeting. kaveh isn’t sure which one is which to give the other a cold shoulder. maybe they both did. kaveh missed their routine. eating dinner on the table, him stealing his bed to talk about his days, alhaitham on the floor leaning against the bed reading his book.

even all the bickering ─ especially the bickering. he knows alhaitham likes to tease him, likes to see him fuming, getting the best reaction out of him for his own entertainment. kaveh knows this and he still fall for his teasing anyway. because that way,

he knows alhaitham is giving him his attention. so why did they stop? why… “kaveh? are you okay?” kaveh flinches, pulled back from his own thoughts to see nilou worried face. he smiles and waves his hand dismissively. “yeah! i just, i didn’t get much sleep last night.”

“you haven’t been sleeping well lately, have you?” it’s hard not to notice the bags under his eyes. nilou is deeply worried about him. “yeah…” “and yet you’re drinking coffee now.” kaveh grimaces, it sounds like nilou is reprimanding him. he probably need it though.

“kaveh, may i ask something?” “sure, what is it?” “are you and alhaitham… okay?” kaveh froze for a moment before he lets out a shaky laugh, “of course! why do you ask?” the red haired girl doesn’t seem convinced at all, judging from the look on her face.

but she quickly shakes her head, “it’s just that, i met alhaitham this morning. he doesn’t look … good? i mean! not in that way! he looks pale… and he has bags under his eyes too. i just wonder if he’s okay…“ kaveh didn’t know that. he hasn’t seen alhaitham

save for the times he sees him in the campus’ area. plus, he hasn’t been sleeping at his apartment too. “and you too, kaveh. you two looks like you need some rest. maybe you can coax alhaitham to rest too?” kaveh nods to give her some assurance. “i’ll try.”

when alhaitham comes home, he’s surprised to see his roommate sitting on the floor next to the door. and he’s happy to see him again, after days of his absence. though, of course, alhaitham doesn’t show this. “why are you here?” instead he asks, sounding way too

harsh than he intended it to be. kaveh looks up at him, face slightly lit up, but then he frowns and alhaitham could see the hurt on his face. “you have the keys with you, don’t you?” he adds before kaveh could get the wrong impression any further.

“oh … i─i must’ve forgot to bring it. from the locker.” kaveh stutters when he lies. “i see. clumsy as always.” alhaitham unlocks the door and push it open when kaveh gets up. he doesn’t wait for kaveh and walk straight in.

seeing kaveh again feels strange. kaveh follows after alhaitham, closing the door behind him. he scrutinize the room, seeing everything is still in the same place as it was three days ago. before he left. he walks over to the couch, putting his bag down,

seeing alhaitham is already busy with his notes and books on the desk. “i’m sorry for leaving,” kaveh starts, couldn’t bear having the guilt in his chest. “without telling you.” “you can do whatever you wish to do, kaveh.” alhaitham says curtly. “it is none of my business.”

what he says is true, but kaveh couldn’t help feel a little hurt. “right. why would you care, anyway. as long as i pay you back, right?” he walks over towards him, slamming some money next to his notes. “here.” alhaitham stops scribbling on his notes, staring at the

money; he snorts. “did you get this much from selling your body?” that’s not what he wanted to say. when he looks up, he sees a stunned kaveh. looking so wounded and humiliated. he regrets what he said. “… so? even if i did, it’s none of your business.”

kaveh tries to sound like he’s not affected by his words, but he’s hurt and upset, it’s difficult not to. before alhaitham could say anything, kaveh grabs his bag again; opting to leave. ‘no, don’t leave.’ alhaitham wanted to say, feeling the slightest light of hope

when kaveh turns around right before he opens the door. “oh. by the way, why don’t you try the VIP next time? instead of watching from the bar. you can ask for me if you want.” and kaveh opens the door, slamming it shut as he left a stunned alhaitham alone.

- end? will probably continue in a new thread since it’s too long! lemme know if i should though :D

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