cw // violence, miyacest I want Atsumu going out for a quick smoke in the middle of a clubbing night, he left Osamu behind for him to finish his drink and catch up later when some random dude approaches him and even if Atsumu's nature is flirtatious he knows this is not the time

The dude won't listen and try to make advances and Atsumu now is really pissed off, not playing anymore he tells the dude to fuck himself but the dude keeps pushing and hey, he is not a fighter but he is two steps from-

Osamu punches him just when the dude wss getting too close to his face to Atsumu's liking. Atsumu thinks it's a warning punch but no, Osamu just keeps punching the dude repeating "he told you to fuck off" until the dude passes out

Osamu gets up and shoots him a look to make sure he is okay but Atsumu doesn't give him time and launches himself to kiss him, shoving his tongue immediatly down his throat "Yer so fuckin hot" Atsumu pants against his mouth, making Osamu chuckle,

grabbing Atsumu's with bloody knuckles "Yer fucking out of yer head if ya think that's hot" And maybe Atsumu is a little fucked up so what?

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