Making Millions Via Private Equity, Crypto and SEO? Over the last 5 years: - acquired 2 low 8-fig businesses - grown agency for lifestyle incoom - 7-figures+ from foreign SEO - built 3 crypto projects While traveling to 45+ countries... Short breakdown ? 1/26

But first.. Diversification vs Concentrated Bets My biggest Ls were because I abandoned long term conviction bets to chase short term lifestyle cash. Equivalent to shorting my long term potential Wealth creation is a function of timing, experience and effort. 2/26

I can broadly break this down into 2 approaches. Exploitive vs Exploitative Let’s dig in: Core 1-2 business should be boring and other exploitive. Perennial kind of businesses that solve an important need. 3/26

Exploit - > Provide a simple repeatable solution for a common problem. Focus relentlessly on building the best solution Explorative - > Allocate small amounts of time/money into new ideas that have asymmetric payoff bets. Hedge the linear with the exponential ? 4/26

Examples of explorative: Launch/test appetite for funding projects at edge of new vertical where traditional boundaries aren’t defined. A combination of human emotion, paradigm shifts and shifting sense of limitations = the perfect arena Ex - > Crypto/AI 5/26

Number #1 - Buying a Biz Most reliable path to 1% get-rich-slow for someone without specialized skills is buying a quality niche business with a SBA 7a loan and owning/operating it: Lots of nuance here let’s break it down into 3 parts: 6/26

A - Finding the Business If you’re new I suggest starting small and working up. Our first biz was $250k, slowly scaled up to buying $10m+. If you’re an expert, buy something you know deeply and can help grow. If you’re not, partner with someone who can help you. 7/26

Examples - > Good - > I understand digital marketing, so I buy adjacent products/services to roll up to our existing customer base. Bad - > Retired 60 year old boomer buying a SaaS biz and has no idea how to operate it 8/26

Some basic ideas to find businesses: Brokers - > Get on broker lists, build a team to review deals. Outreach - > You can do this yourself, but better yet find a broker to reach out for you to cut through the spam. DM for specifics if you need them. 9/26

Time to talk some ? Most brokers really suck. To be aware: No quality financial DD. Underreport expenses/overreport income Weird TTM figures. Often front load revenue = crazy growth multiple. High channel concentration. SEO = 50% = no bueno 10/26

Other big considerations: Key man risk - Clear transition plan required Brand - Internet businesses @ sub 2-3m EBITDA = no strong brand price premium. This is a win. Great brand = better for HR, scaling and morale No sales process - building this takes a TON of work 11/26

B - Financing the Deal The TLDR: Debt Investors - > fixed % return. Can eat into your profit paying off interest. Equity Investors - > No need to pay interest. They get significant upside if you sell or roll up with a bigger entity. 12/26

C - Deal Structures Overly simplified but: Lump Sum at Close - > 30-60% of the acquisition cost up front. Sellers Note - > the rest paid over a certain period of time based off earnings/stable performance Follow me @vivalasia and I'll do a longer thread on this 13/26

Number 2 - Agency Model with 1 Offer Agencies are a great way to finance lifestyle to focus on bigger picture ideas. Most agencies fail because owners try to do too many things and don’t become the market leader at 1 specific offer. 14/26

Focus on 1 thing. Not 5 or 10 offers. Build a brand around 1 problem. Whenever you get distracted, remind yourself of your vertical’s TAM. I can't stress how important this is. DO NOT CHASE. Just be the best at what you do. 15/26

Thinking framework here: - Get to know a vertical in and out - Offer the best solution - Product > Sales until 50k+ MRR. - Build sales team and scale lead channels - Hire outsourced operations manager 16/26

Focus on 1 offer and become known as being the market leader. Why this is important: - Easier to sell the agency = pure play - Easier to close customers when you find the right buyer - Better moat - Easier sales 17/26

Agency = Great lifestyle biz My agency has been funding my lifestyle consistently for the last 3 years. I’m not involved in day to day ops. Slowly steady growth, happy customers and a great product. 18/26

Number 3 - Foreign SEO Affiliate Offers I see a lot of people shilling SEO and content sites as a path to ? But they all forget to mention 1 important thing - getting rekted by Google Algo updates, penalties, negative SEO, competition 19/26

When SEO business are adjusted for risk/failure rate you see it’s an incredibly difficult niche to operate in The guys selling the SEO courses/services never tell you this. But I will cuz I’ve wasted several years chasing this. The SEO gold rush is long dead. ? 20/26

Google is smarter than ever. Your competition will crush you. The algo hates you. Any temporary high from algo success is nullified by the anxiety knowing your traffic can go to zero overnight. But...there is still a way to make ? in SEO 21/26

Foreign Keywords and Niches First off -> USA SERPS are still the promised land of internet monies. a) love spending $ b) all have 10 credit cards c) trust online retailers This isn’t the case in most countries. That being said, there is no competition. 22/26

My first $100k/month+ affiliate business was in the Japanese/Korean gaming space. It’s still printing too. 240k since Jan 1st 22. 22/26

Foreign SEO is the perfect combo: A - Algo is retarded, v1 of Googlebot. God mode activated ✅ B - No manual penalties. There I said it. It’s a secret that only a few know. C - You can just translate English content. D - English backlinks work just as well. 23/26

The problem with foreign SEO isn’t the traffic, building the site or design. It’s finding the offer. I advise anyone interested in finding the offer FIRST then building the business around it. I went to gaming conventions globally until i found channel partners. 24/26

Let’s recap: 3 paths to generating consistent long term wealth are: - Buying a quality niche business with a SBA 7a loan and owning/operating it: - Building an agency solving for 1 specific. One offer only. - Foreign Affiliate SEO 25/26

If you’re interested in more tweets about growing wealth and escaping the modern slave state economy, follow me @vivalasia I’ll be tweeting regularly and have absolutely nothing to sell you. Sia out ✌️

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