1/ Below I'm going to outline some useful tools to help filter through the noise to hopefully find those shitc0ins that can go 100x+

2/ First up, this is not a hard and fast rule to shitcoining, merely a useful guide. A lot of it comes down to using your own intuition and trust me u will get rugged along the way lmao but if 2/10 hit a 10x and the rest rug ur still up double ur money, viva la russian roulette

3/ I tend to ape coins sub 200k mc and less than a few hours old, to do this you need to snipe listings - I primarily do this on eth but these rules can be applied to other chains too if u can't afford gas

5/ If you see something that grabs your eyes then look at the contract on etherscan, check the following: - contract verified (green tick next to contract) - Liq locked - Source of funds - Ownership renounced - Distribution - Top holders and their other bags - Tax - Dev wallet

6/ Contract verified allows u to go into the contract and read it on etherscan, often socials such as TG, Twitter & website will be in here, if so join them and see who follows or who is already in there and make a judgement call if u like what you see. If TG is muted likely scam

7/ Here you will be able to see things such as max wallet, max trans - which is often important on new launches as you don't want your trans to fail bcoz u r trying to buy more than the contract allows. You can also see the tax and the wallets they go to here

8/ Click into the contract creator wallet on etherscan to see what actions the dev has taken

9/ Below u can see the contract creators wallet, the top box shows contract being renounced, this stops devs changing the contract in the future (not always useful for tax tokens). Locking LP, u can check this on Unicrypt/Team Finance to ensure the % of liq locked & the duration.

10/ Other actions to look out for, adding liq - how much and is this sufficient? Setting max wallet or max trans - ensure you are trying to buy within these parameters. If you have found the contract pre trading u can ape as soon as the enable trading command is processed

11/ From the contract creators wallet go onto transactions and trace back to the first transaction to see where the dev sourced their funds, was it a cex or another wallet? Sometimes this will show in internal transactions as it was tornado cash (often a red flag)

12/ Holders and distribution - if you click into the contract you are looking at you will be able to click holders and see the distribution - you don't want one wallet holding more than a couple percentage of supply as then u r relying on them to be friendly whale

13/ Sometimes there will be bigger wallets, these could be dead wallets, team wallets or marketing etc, ensure you understand what they are and if they are vested etc - don't be scared to jump in the TG or discord and ask questions. Any legit project will be able to explain

14/ Once I have done these manual checks you can do some automated checks on tools like: honeypot checker: tokensniffer: disco bot: Paste the CA into these and it will provide you with information

15/ Honeypot checker will tell you if it's a honey or not and the tax on buys & sells (sometimes this can be wrong if you're pasting before liq is added etc). Tokensniffer goes more in depth, the score out of 100 should be taken with a pinch of salt but the info can be useful

16/ @discobot3 join the discord and turn on notifications on twitter, this bot filters out projects on uniswap - it has an all listing which has all listings kek then a filtered listings which it shows if it passes their parameters, it also lists other blockchains

17/ Again, discobot isn't always correct and sometimes scams slip through the filters, so please remain vigilant, the all uniswap channel often explains why it didn't pass their filters - see below, malicious contract and dupe contracts etc

18/ This is by no means a guaranteed path 2 success but hopefully it stops some of u buying honey pots and rugs. Probs missed some other important points so feel free to share and I'll + them on. This is a manual process so make frens w/other degens & share alpha, Love Shitc0in x

People reported tweets 4 and 13 are missing, trying this or an unroll app lmao - twitter rugging me kek

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