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Good copy sells. Great copy sells more. (PART #3). Here are 13 TEN-MINUTE writing exercises you can do to go from average to pro ?? (p.s. I bet you haven't tried #12!)

Getting your first paying copywriting client? It's not that difficult. But it takes time. It takes practice. If you don't understand this.. Stop reading. So, let's break it down:

But before we jump into it.. Please retweet the tweet above. Your fellow copywriters will appreciate it. And it takes you just one click. So please do! Now.. Let's jump into it..

1. Rewrite a Facebook Ad (@iamgeorgeb_ )

2. Rewriting a Youtube Headline Go on YouTube. Analyze headlines that grab your attention. Next, find a small YouTube account. Try to rewrite their headlines using a similar formula. (inspired by @shantanu_dagar)

3. Summarize Your Pitch (@immarkwilliam)

4. The Wikipedia Paragraph Rewrite (@sophiafelson)

5. Pick a Random Object (@ecomcopywriter)

6. Create a Feature Benefit Table (@arrowmvn) Take the device you're currently using. For me, that's my phone: ? Feature: OLED screen ? Benefit: Better colors, Brighter display ✨ Deeper benefit: Use your phone in direct sunlight

7. Rewrite landing page headlines (@coreyhainesco)

8. Rewrite Gumroad sales pages (@LoftedLearning)

9. Rewrite e-mail subjects of your unopened mails (@ikbeer) For every message in your inbox, ask yourself: > Why did open it? Or: > Why did I ignore it?

10. Create a shortlist of dramatic words (@waronweakness) It'll help you to think 'outside-the-box'. And you can reuse it in your copy!

11. Rewrite your old positive copy into negative copy (@VedikaBhaia)

12. Rewrite Product Hunt pages (@ikbeer) Honestly, this is my go-to exercise. It requires you to think about everything: > Hook > Benefits > CTA > Visuals AND... maybe you'll even pick up some great deals too! > Tip: sort by newest

13. Rewrite someone's Twitter profile (@ikbeer) There's a reason WHY you decide to hit that follow button. So tell me.. How would you improve my profile?

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If you enjoyed this thread, there are three things you should do: 1. Retweet the first tweet ☝️? Read part 1 and 2, packed with ACTIONABLE copywriting tips: PART #1: PART #2: Thanks for reading ❤️

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