aurora 🤍 | in my flop era

aurora 🤍 | in my flop era



miyacest + BDSM "sit down atsumu" atsumu sat down in a chair that was placed in the middle of their room. when he sat, there was a full body mirror infront of him. "what's the mirror for samu?" osamu didnt say anything, instead he got something from under the bed and

took something out of a plastic bag. it was a whip. atsumu bit his lip, he felt his dick get hard and tried to hide it. there was no point, atsumu was stripped of his clothes earlier. osamu made him sit down, with both of his ankles on each of the legs of the chair.

osamu tied them, then tied his hands behind his back. so now, atsumu was tied up and infront of a mirror. "since ya like lookin at yerself so much" atsumu blushed. osamu bent over and looked at atsumu, "m' gonna make ya feel really good, okay? all i need ya to do is be a

good boy and take it." atsumu didn't have a choice. he wanted to be whipped, he wanted to feel like property. he wanted to feel owned, like nothing but a object to osamu's imagination. osamu whipped him. a tear escaped atsumu's eye, the pain felt so good as he felt another

one on his right leg. it made him hard. but he couldn't do anything about it. osamu slapped him, whipped him, spit on him, grabbed him by his hair and made him open his mouth to spit in it. "ya like that tsumu? ya like when i hurt ya like this?" atsumu nodded, with tears

coming down his face. osamu then took off his pants, then his underwear to reveal a hard cock that sprung out. he positioned himself on top of atsumu, trying to align himself perfectly, and when he did, he didn't waste any time. he sat on atsumu's dick and started riding.

"yer not the only one who gets ta feel good" osamu rode atsumu's girthy dick for about ten minutes until cumming. then shoving his dick inside atsumu's mouth for him to choke on.

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