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Cw miyacest // Thinking about Atsumu reading this dumb ‘study’ that was in teen magazines a few years ago, about how the index and ring fingers of gay people are uneven length and those of straight people the same length. And he gets obsessed with measuring Osamu’s fingers.

He doesn’t really know why. All in all it doesn’t much matter, does it? But he suddenly /needs/ to know. It’s not like he’s going around measuring everyone’s fingers, but Osamu’s — And Osamu won’t let him. He eventually gets angry and tells Atsumu to just measure his own.

And Atsumu would — and has, actually — but he knows better than anyone that having an identical twin doesn’t mean they’re identical in everything, and anyway, he /has/ to know.

But Atsumu isn’t sneaky enough. Even a sleeping Osamu wakes up before Atsumu can tug the blankets back and measure his hiding hands, and Osamu knows what he’s up to now, and he’s decided he’s not letting Atsumu, probably mostly out of competitiveness.

And alright, maybe it IS a competition at this point, and if it’s a competition, then at least Atsumu doesn’t have to think about why this is so important to him.

It’s when he wakes up hard and aching, the blurry dream-image of sucking on Osamu’s fingers still lingering, that he realises, oh no. Oh fuck no. This is /bad./ But it’s not like he can give up now.

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