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I've spent the last 9 years in marketing, scaled 72 products, and generated $450M in sales. Here are 10 tools that'll help you do the same:

1. TikTok Ads Library by @tiktok_us TikTok is the most downloaded app on the app store right now. Here's a library showing the top-performing ads on the platform:

2. Growth Tactics Playbook by @ladderdigital Ladder is a leading ads agency sharing: 796+ open sourced growth tactics Results and success rates of these tactics Access the playbook here:

3. Landing Page Examples by @LandingPageEx Landing pages are money making assets This library of high performing pages will get you ahead of the pack Access the landing page examples:

4. SimilarWeb by @Similarweb Spy on your competitors marketing strategy in seconds. Get access to any website's: • Traffic volumes • Sources of traffic • Demographic of users Spy on the competition:

5. SMS Marketing Examples Library by @attentiveHQ While avg email open rates are 20-40% SMS avg open rate is +90% Attentive library of 100's of SMS marketing inspirations:

6. $100M Offers Course by @AlexHormozi What you will learn: The manual for creating grand slam offers. An easy to follow, step by step, with real-life examples

7. Headline Analyzer by @sharethrough Improve your headlines and Twitter hooks with this tool. It gives your headline a score based on: • Engagement • Impression • Clarity Improve your headlines today:

8. Marketing Examples @GoodMarketingHQ A complication of great marketing examples: • Landing Pages • Copywriting • Ads & Social Access great marketing examples:

9. How I would grow "X" by @zerotomarketing & @theandreboso A simulation approach on growing startups Covering scenarios across multiple niches/products Get strategies for growth:

10. Mailcharts by @mailcharts Steal leading brands' email strategy. Email strategies including: • Type of promotions • Frequency of emails • End to end email funnels Steal email strategies that are generating Billions of dollars:

@mailcharts Do you want to get better at: • Marketing • Personal growth • Entrepreneurship If so, follow me @Albadawee I'm sharing actionable threads & visuals every day.

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