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Elon Musk’s ultimate career advice. For those in their 20’s:

1) Take risks Now is the time to take risks. While you’re young, you don’t have a: • family • business • mortgage That depend on your success. It only gets riskier as you get older. So take risks now. Do something bold.

2) Combine talent with interest Desire for fame won’t lead to long term success. Instead, find a job that: • Matches your skillset • You’re talented at • You enjoy Passion beats pride every day of the week.

3) Focus on the job in front of you Lofty goals are important, But they’re built on measurable achievements. Learn 1 role. Master 1 role. It may not be your end game, but your ability to over-perform will stand out on your resume.

4) Don’t seek leadership, earn it Don’t try to be a leader for the sake of being a leader. Instead: • Learn everything you can • Take responsibility • Master your role Leadership will come to those who deserve it. (Most often… to those who don’t want it)

5) Gather great people In business, you cannot succeed alone. You need experts at your side. To find them: • Reach out on socials • Attend networking events • Build a business that attracts them Your network will easily 10x your net worth.

6) Seek to contribute Society needs you to be useful. • Solve a problem • Build a business • Contribute more than you consume Aim to have a positive net contribution to society. Being useful = true fulfillment

7) Ingest information Ingest as much information as possible from: • Books • Textbooks • Journals / Articles Along with increasing intelligence, you’ll: • Improve memory and focus • Expand your vocabulary • Reduce stress Expanded knowledge = expanded opportunity

Elon Musk’s ultimate career advice. For those in their 20’s: 1) Take risks 2) Combine talent with interest 3) Focus on the job in front of you 4) Don’t seek leadership, earn it 5) Gather great people 6) Seek to contribute 7) Ingest information

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