don’t try to change reality: a thread.

if you are worried, sad, hurt right now because your reality or someone in it has just done something. this thread is for you. stop making your aim to change reality. stop making your aim to change someone else. you don’t need to.

a lot of us are so focused on changing our reality, we forget that to change reality, we actually have to change ourselves. you don’t need to change how emily feels or get her to do something. you don’t have to get someone fired. leave it all alone. leave them alone.

if reality is a mirror, there is no one to change out there. there is no one to get, there is nothing to change. the only thing that needs to change is you. stop focusing on changing your reality and focus on changing who you are. that is the aim. completely shut reality out.

we make our aim to change reality so much that we feel exhausted, hurt and helpless. but that’s not how it works. all you have to do is change how you see yourself and everyone else. that has nothing to do with changing anyone or anything. that’s about you.

you can see there, i don’t mention reality or any person and that is because they don’t matter. nothing does but you. you change your awareness, you change the world since the world is only made up of your awareness.

how you see yourself and how you see others is the only thing that manifests because that is all life is. so therefore those are the only areas to change, not a person or situation but how YOU see it. stop trying so hard to change the reality when it’s yourself out pictured.

if you’re thinking “what next thing can i do to change them?” you’re doing it wrong. this isn’t about changing anyone. it should be “what next thing can i do to change who i am?”

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