⚡️ AIRDROP STRATEGY #15 ⚡️ 6birds1stone: @Solana Edition ? The idea is to use a few protocols that did not launch a token yet and might do a retroactive airdrop. Birds: @phantom, @friktion_labs, @Katana_HQ, @JupiterExchange, @AtrixProtocol, @symmetry_fi Strategy ??

1/8 First of all, funds are needed on Solana. (i) install @phantom extension and create a wallet (ii) withdraw funds for free from @FTX_Official to Solana

2/8 @friktion_labs is a derivatives protocol, similar to Ribbon and Opyn. Liquidity: 115M Here's what you can do to interact with them:

3/8 @phantom is one of the most popular wallets of choice. They also offer a swap function. Airdrop action: make a swap

4/8 @JupiterExchange is a DEX Aggregator, like 1inch. They are integrated with +10 protocols. Airdrop action: make a swap

5/8 @Katana_HQ, same as Friktion, is a derivatives protocol. Airdrop action: deposit in any of their vaults. Note that there are risks (negative/positive APY) and funds have a threshold of one week. Liquidity: 24M

6/8 @AtrixProtocol in an AMM built on top of Serum that allows for permissionless liquidity pool and farm creation. Airdrop action: deposit on any of the vaults, and/or make a trade. They have an attractive agEUR/USDC pool at 29% APY. Liquidity: 330M

7/8 @symmetry_fi shows portfolio balance, and also have a DEX UI to swap via Serum. They plan to launch index baskets (like Set) Airdrop action: swap via Note that they have been quiet for a few months, but they say they are still building on Discord.

8/8 Note that this is speculation, no criteria has been confirmed yet. I research, process, and curate alpha. Follow me → @OlimpioCrypto Here are some of the airdrop calls I made that launched a token:

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