kasey ♡

kasey ♡



san on atinys talk ♥︎ Q&A Go Jj Jj M JJM 🔗:

Q. who’s more handsome?? tropical boys vs sparkling s: ateez! Jj Jj M 🔗:

an atiny put done emojis for all the members ‘( ー̀εー́ ) sulky sanie oppa’ s: why are my lips so far out like this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Jj Jj M 🔗:

put down*

atiny: san-ah i miss you ㅠㅠㅠㅠ s: i miss you a lot too ❤️ Jj Jj M 🔗:

atiny: sani oppa….. i really don’t want to study what do i do s: still you have to do it ❤️ Jj Jj M 🔗:

atiny: today is an off-day (for you), what do you plan to do! s: i plan to full rest/rest well! Jj Jj M 🔗:

atiny: sleep vs don’t sleep s: sleep no matter what Jj Jj M 🔗:

atiny: san-ah pls share the way to wake up early in the morning s: you can do it if you change your lifestyle pattern! lately i sleep early! Jj Jj M 🔗:

atiny: sani how tall are you now???? from what i see i think you’ve reached 180 s: ey.. thank you ❤️ but it’s not that… Jj Jj M 🔗:

atiny: sani oppa i have a question since i’m the same infp, so by chance/i was wondering does oppa too originally not talk about your heart/feelings to anyone?? even if you have a lot of concerns, you just keep it to yourself 🔗:

atiny: ‘i’ll just deal/take care of it (myself)’ that sort of thought…. that’s why i really like the song not too late s: i think knowing and resolving it (myself) is faster! Jj Jj M

atiny: is there a routine where you think ‘i have to make sure to do this!!!!!!’ s: mm exercising..?! Jj Jj M 🔗:

atiny: what did you eat in london s: fish and chips! Jj Jj M 🔗:

atiny: sani orabeoni (more formal way of saying ‘older brother’) the cover that you talked about before, (i was wondering) what the progress of it is s: soon! Jj Jj M 🔗:

atiny: sani-ya tomorrow is my uni’s orientation but i’m nervous ㅠㅠ i’ll be able to make friends well right…? s: i’ll be your friend 😎 friend Jj Jj M 🔗:

atiny: because sani is so cute and pretty and handsome and sexy i cant do my everyday life, what do i should i have to do s: mm.. sorry! i cannot solve that for you ❤️ (i hope you) do cherish that well. Jj Jj M 🔗:

atiny: mint choco vs park seonghwa s: psh Jj Jj M 🔗:

atiny: san? san? san? can you see me? san??? ㅠㅠ i hope you can know that i love you a lot!!! thank you for exisiting in my life ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ s: i see you well ❤️ thank you for being in the world JJM 🔗:

atiny: what do you think of giving saekom dalkom (a type of lollie) when making friends when you go to university.?! s: mm… for me (i think) chocolate Jj Jj M 🔗:

atiny: san oppa, today is the off-day of the day before the concert, what are your plans but then again as homebody san oppa, are you planning to stay only in the hotel since lately you’ve been out and around a lot? 🔗:

s: yes. i’ve really have been not like me lately, i’m going to rest a bit… Jj Jj M s: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

atiny: san-ah! next month i have to go to japan so as quick as possible in one month i need to learn japanese….. 🥹 is there any way/method,,, s: i recommend you japanese songs or! anime! Jj Jj M 🔗:

atiny: sani oppa you know how you studied japanese today!! what is oneesan in korean??? (noona) s: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ right/idk what is it? ❤️ Jj Jj M 🔗:

atiny: listening to songs through earphones VS listening to songs through speakers s: earphones! Jj Jj M 🔗:

atiny: what are the words that you want to deliver the most to tiny right now s: see you soon ❤️ Jj Jj M 🔗:

atiny: sani oppa please recommend a song today~~~ s: Yuuri-reo Jj Jj M 🔗:

atiny: sani-ya i like, am scared of the work that i’m doing and i get worried and afraid of whether i am doing a good job and whether i am able to do well… i should believe in myself right????.. 🔗:

s: you’ll be able to do well, because tiny is a more amazing/incredible person more than you think yourself don’t worry ❤️ Jj Jj M

atiny: when sani can’t fall asleep, is there something like a routine that you do? s: i can always fall asleep…. 3-3 Jj Jj M 🔗:

atiny: what is the part JJM considers the most important in human relationships? s: trust/faith! Jj Jj M 🔗:

atiny: when does mokoko wash its face (referring to his griptok)? s: it doesn’t/can’t get wiped/cleaned… Jj Jj M 🔗:

atiny: what do i do when i don’t want to do anything and when i don’t have motivation/drive? s: try slowly starting from one (thing) since there’s nothing to be in a rush for ❤️ Jj Jj M 🔗:


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