Why is Web3 marketing so hard? It’s not. But it is complex. That’s why our VP of Marketing @emilyxlai has created a new model that makes it a little simpler. Introducing: The Web3 Marketing “Funnel” 🚀 Let’s get into it 🧵👇

When you think of a marketing funnel, you might have something like the graphic below in mind. It’s a tried and tested methodology – and it will work just fine for most businesses. But in Web3, things aren’t as straightforward. The “funnel” is more like a loop.

At its core, Web3 marketing is driven by: 1/ Content marketing (a media empire) 2/ Community marketing 3/ Developer marketing (depending on the project) Simple, right? Not so much. Things get complicated when we consider the various links between these three categories.

There are feedback loops all around content, community and developer marketing, including: 1/ Content and community 2/ Community and product 3/ Product and content Each of those categories influences and informs the others — and vice versa. That’s a lot of KPIs to track.

To make it even more complex, there are horizontal spectrums across marketing categories and target audiences. See the next tweet for what that might look like.

Content marketing might include: - Branded content - Educational content - Engagement content (memes) Target audiences might include something like: - Enthusiasts - Developers - Traders

This means a Web3 project needs resourcing around: 1/ Talent: Teams tend to be larger (and require far more varied skills) than standard ecom marketing teams 2/ Analytics/BI/Tooling: To save costs, streamline the funnel & scale faster 3/ Time: Which requires runway cash

Talent is the biggest chunk. To properly execute across the Web3 marketing funnel, you’ll need a team at every layer: - Content creators - Social managers - Community managers - Campaign strategists - Paid ads specialists That’s where we come in 🥷

Building & executing marketing strategies is our daily grind at Hype. If you want to learn more about how you can leverage the Web3 marketing funnel to supercharge your growth, drop us a line — or just DM @emilyxlai.

And if you have any thoughts on our model of the Web3 Marketing Funnel, let us know down in the comments. We’d love to get granular about it.

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