Masculine Theory

Masculine Theory



Getting ahead of the masses as a 20-30 year old bro: (7 things in order of importance)

Quit pornography. It wreaks havoc on your reward centres and conditions you to chase immediate gratification without the hard work. Do not wonder why you have no drive or ambition if you continue to drain yourself of the one thing that drives life here on earth. Sex energy.

Choose your pain. Pain is inherent in the human experience - there's no getting away from it. You do however have a choice in which form it can take: Choose the immediate pain of exercise Or choose the slow pain of deteriorating health, female rejection and an early death.

Sit in silence. Modern western world is a cluster-fuck of notifications, 10-second TikToks, soft-core porn on instagram and the rest. You have been taught how to be distracted. Now you must re-teach yourself how to focus. Sit still and breathe for 20 minutes a day.

Writing to remedy the mind. Overthinking, anxiety, stress and depression. All a consequence of flitting sporadically between thoughts and memories with no real intention. Stop Pause Write them down and you will silence this process.

Eating too much. When's the last time you gave your digestion a break? Shovelling food in every 3 hours is a taxing process that robs energy from elsewhere. Extended periods of fasting will give you the mental clarity you've always been searching for.

Consume intentionally. If the input is poor, the output won't be much different. Look at the information you consume and ask yourself this question: "Does the message of this information have my best interests at heart?" If the answer is no, then the answer is no.

Tomorrow never comes. Time is an illusion The only thing that is real is the present moment in front of you now. If you can surrender to it in every given moment, you'll have the ride of your life. Don't allow your thoughts to steal this moment from you.

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