Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! #Russian President #Putin took part in the session of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (#CSTO) in #Yerevan. The main goal of participation in the summit for Putin was to keep the CSTO at least until November 2023. 1/9

In this context, the President of #Russia turned to the President of #Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart #Tokayev, and the President of #Armenia, Nikol #Pashinyan. #Putin asked the leaders of Kazakhstan and Armenia not to suspend their membership in the #CSTO until November next year. 2/9

It is already known that Tokayev promised to "think" and "take note" of #Putin’s request, while #Pashinyan left the request unanswered. The #CSTO summit in #Yerevan was for Putin one of the most difficult political events in which he took part this year. 3/9

The point is not so much in the positions of the leaders of #Kazakhstan and #Armenia, who are in a hurry to leave the #CSTO, the sooner the better, but in the general understanding of the inevitability of #Russia's defeat in the #UkraineRussiaWar️. 4/9

Defeat automatically puts an end to any prospects for the existence of the organization. #Lukashenko, who expressed out loud the dependence of the fate of the #CSTO on the situation in #Ukraine, only said out loud what was on the minds of all participants of the summit. 5/9

#Lukashenko surprised #Putin with another striking statement when, in the presence of several people, he said: “Don’t worry Volodya, I will be the last to leave the #CSTO.” Then he thought for a moment and added: “Or the first.” 6/9

Those present laughed at the same time, but one must understand that #Lukashenko's statement is not a joke but a look at the reality of a person with an excellent sense of danger. 7/9

The adoption by the #EuropeanParliament of a resolution recognizing #Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism and the associated risks of being in the same organization were discussed outside of communication with #Putin by the summit participants. 8/9

Hard times are coming for #Putin. Everything around him begins to crumble, partners turn away, and former friends refuse requests. He personally made every effort for this. 9/9

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