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Finding websites to practice your front-end skills is difficult, especially for beginners. Here is the list of the top 8 websites to practice your frontend skills:???

1. Frontend Mentor Improve your front-end coding skills by building real projects. Solve real-world HTML, CSS, and JavaScript challenges whilst working to professional designs. ?

2. CodeWars As a front-end developer, Codewars is a good platform to practice JavaScript. It is a great platform for developing your problem-solving skills. ?

4. CSS Battle One great resource for front-end developers is the CSS Battle website. The website features a series of challenges that try to teach different aspects of front-end development. ?

5. JavaScript30 A 30 day vanilla JS coding challenge by Wes Bos. You get to build clocks, drum kits, and so much more using just Javascript. It's also free, so there's no excuse to not sign up and get started right away! ?

6. Coderbyte Coderbyte offers a wide variety of courses that will teach you everything from basic HTML and CSS to more advanced topics like responsive design and front-end animation. ?

7. FreeCodeCamp Over 7000+ tutorials and tons of challenges to complete along the way to test what you've learnt. The tracks are straightforward and the best part? It's all free. ?

8. CodePen Challenges Challenges are fun opportunities for leveling up your skills by building things. Each week, you’ll get a new prompt surrounding a monthly theme to riff on. ?

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