Bryttdaffodil🌼(Fic&thread comms open)

Bryttdaffodil🌼(Fic&thread comms open)



Welcome to Spooky Month! SkTs NSFW Vampires/Possessive //Blood “You fucking smell like dog,” Sakusa’s nose wrinkled, he was behind Atsumu before he could even blink. Eyes glowing eerily in the dim light. “You smell like that mutt. Always sniffing around you, waiting to hump

your leg.” Atsumu slowly peeled off his jacket, hanging it on the hook by the door. Already knowing it was futile, it would be up in flames before he could even think about washing it. Fucking vampires. “Ushijima is courting Tooru, ya know this.” Atsumu skirted around the

snarling vampire. Teeth elongated, eyes such a deep crimson that they looked black. “But who was he looking at before that, Atsumu?” Sakusa’s fingers danced across his nape, movement so quick that Atsumu’s eyes couldn’t keep up. Atsumu knew Sakusa could hear his pounding

heart, how his blood rushed with adrenaline. His throat clicked with a shaky swallow, body refusing to move. “I’ve never looked at anyone else since I met ya,” Atsumu felt a shiver down his spine as a tongue lapped at his quickening pulse. “‘m yers, Omi.” “You are,” Sakusa

snapped his teeth. “I could make you my little puppet. You would only care about pleasing me and feeding me. I would never let anyone else touch you or look at you. You’d be locked away, for my eyes and mouth only.” Sakusa’s voice was so soothing, so entrancing. Atsumu wanted

to do whatever he could to keep him happy, his lids lowered as his body relaxed. “But ya would miss me,” Atsumu felt Sakusa behind him, head rolling on his shoulder. “Ya like me mouthy.” Teeth threatened to pierce skin, and Atsumu refused to flinch. He simply melted further into

the ungiving chest behind him. “I do,” Sakusa relented slightly. “But I also like when everyone knows you’re mine.” Atsumu had no time to fight, to shout that every creature within a hundred miles knew about the vampires claim, before he was thrown over a shoulder. As easily

as if he weighed nothing. The room blurred, and he was being tossed on their bed before he could even get reoriented. “Prepare yourself,” lube was dropped on his chest. “I’m going to fuck you in two minutes, so be thorough.” Atsumu had thought they might have a soothing bath

together that night, maybe cuddle on the couch. He should have known the possessive bastard would need to stake his claim. “Time is ticking, Atsumu,” the velvet voice was back. Pulling him in, drowning him. Atsumu slipped out of his clothes as quickly as he could, slicking his

Fingers generously. He started with two, hissing through the stretch and the burn. Sakusa hummed in pleasure, the fucking asshole. “One minute.” Atsumu pushed a third finger in, knowing he would need it. He was panting face down in his pillow, legs spread, fingering himself as

quickly as he ever had. Lightening raced down his spine as he accidentally brushed against his prostate, moan ripping out of him. “Time’s up.” Atsumu hadn’t even heard Sakusa move, nor did he hear the lube, but as Sakusa pressed into him he was already slick. “Fucking hell,”

Atsumu cried with the first thrust. “Hush,” Sakusa dragged pointed nails down his back and hips, blood beading up. A greedy tongue followed the same path, as his cock pushed Atsumu to his limit. The stretch was intense, but Atsumu begged for it. Sparks of pleasure lighting

under his closed eyelids. His mouth was open, drool sliding down his chin with every thrust. “Omi,” Atsumu hiccuped as Sakusa’s teeth scraped exactly where he wanted them. The side of his neck that he always kept open. It was bruised, scarred, at all times. Warning more than

just other vampires that he was taken. Marked. Owned. “I should rip out your pretty little throat. You drive me crazy. Letting those animals touch you.” Sakusa pushed Atsumu into a deeper arch, thumbing where his cock stretched his pretty hole open. “Don’t do it again,

princess.” Atsumu cock bounced against his stomach, leaving wet smears behind. He could hear his heartbeat in his ears. “Bite me,” Atsumu snarled, throat gurgling as Sakusa did just that. Sharp teeth sunk in deep, not quite as careful as usual. He could feel his flesh tearing

slightly. Could feel blood dripping down his collarbones and chest. Even with the pain, it was an immense pleasure. It felt like being submerged into a pool of warmth. Like there were a thousand tongues dragging against his skin. Atsumu clenched around the thick, heavy cock that

throbbed with every suckle, as his orgasm blew through him like a storm. Spilling on his belly, the sheets. His eyes rolled back as Sakusa fucked against his swollen prostate, wanting it to be too much. To overwhelm him. Tears tracked down his cheeks as he dropped to his chest.

“Next time I’ll bite your pretty hole, your cock. I’ll cover every inch of you in me. Never forget your place, my love.” Atsumu’s cock twitched, a betrayal. “Anywhere, anything,” Atsumu agreed. Teeth broke through the skin on his shoulder, his neck. Atsumu knew he would be so

marked for the next week or two that he would never be able to face his friends or family. But he also knew he’d touch the bites every day, moaning at the soreness. Sskusa fucked him for hours. Biting his thighs and hips until Atsumu could barely see skin, until he was woozy.

Only then did Sakusa let up, cumming across his mouth and chest, hand pumping his cock. The vampire’s face was flushed, and Atsumu moaned knowing it was him. His blood. “I own ya, too.” Sakusa’s eyes darkened, flashing his teeth. “Forever, my love.”

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