Atsumu loves being out. Bars, clubs — it’s his scene. The dancing, the music, the /people/. He’s such a people person. He loves to talk to anyone and everyone, truly — “Miya Atsumu?” Oh God. Not everyone. Atsumu turns urgently to Kiyoomi, next to him. “Quick! Kiss me!”

“What?” Kiyoomi sputters. He was in the middle of telling Atsumu a story about how he once ordered an table to be power washed at an outdoor bar he was at with Suna, but Atsumu has no time. “That girl — she’s obsessed with me! I told her I’m gay so she’d back off!”

“You’re an idiot,” Kiyoomi deadpans. “An absolute moron, your stupidity knows no bounds, you —” “Is that you, Atsumu-sama?” Atsumu will apologize later. He grabs Kiyoomi by the collar and plants his lips on him, an exaggerated smack.

That’s really all it should take. The girl should take the hint, should realize they’re busy and hopefully he’ll be safe for the rest of the night. He’ll sacrifice his thirty minute showers to appease Kiyoomi. “Sorry, sorry, I know that was bad but —”

The sentence dies when Kiyoomi kisses him again, and this time it’s fierce — open-mouthed and hungry, a desperate tinge to it, like…like Kiyoomi’s been wanting it for some time. He pulls away, pupils blown out. Atsumu stares, stunned. “Omi?”

“I’ve been wanting to kiss you for years,” Kiyoomi mutters. “So, we’re not done.” “Okay,” Atsumu says, dazed and immediately horny and slightly in love. “Okay, we’re not done. Can we go somewhere else and not be done?”

Kiyoomi smirks. “My apartment is much cleaner than this bar.” Atsumu nods. “Great. I’ll get my coat. Ya know, I hate bars. I much prefer hangin’ out inside, where it’s clean and —” Kiyoomi shoves him towards their table and Atsumu goes.

He gets his stuff and says his goodbyes, but Atsumu can only get so lucky in a night, because a shrill voice calls his name and he turns. “I knew that was you!” The girl cries. “Hi! Wow, how amazing to run into you. Do you want a drink, do you want —?”

Atsumu catches Kiyoomi’s eye over her shoulder, waiting by the door. Atsumu smiles at the girl. “Real sorry, but I can’t stay. I gotta go home with my boyfriend.”

sorry to blue ball you, I was gonna make this a whole smut thread but I told myself I have to be responsible and work on my multichaps. maybe another day :’)

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