Anees Naveed

Anees Naveed



THREAD? 1/n Some random thoughts on current "Siyasi Garma Garmi": 1) @PTIofficial seems busy in mobilizing its street power & showing its political muscle. Infact, its Power struggle in the cloak of #حقیقی_آزادی_لانگ_مارچ...

deceitfully decorated in religious rhetoric that portrays their struggle equivalent to "Jihad". PTI presenting itself as if it is trying to change the status quo. While the irony here is that the biggest beneficery of status quo has been no one else but PTI, since 2014.... 2/n

Actually, PTI is trying to be a part of Status quo again. So innocent of those who think PTI is anti-establishment, infact, it is anti to the current inclinations of establishment, pressurising them to reconsider PTI once again. But innocent people won't understand... 3/n

as they see Imran Khan as some "Saviour" who would magically change the system. But people are not at fault here, it's what PTI propoganda machinery manufactured and sold over the years through social media, resulting in popular support and massive political gains.... 4/n

The slogans tht worked for them in 2014, 2018 and funnily enough, still working 2022 as well: Baqi sb Chor, daku, lootere, money launderers, murdrers, Mir Jaffar, corruption, accountability, Tabdeeli, Riyasat e Madina, Welfare state, Presidential system,.... 5/n

50 lac ghr, 2 cror jobs, No IMF, to cut it short, "dhoodh shehad ki nahrain". While IK offered Gn Bajwa another extension of term just to save his ass. PTI is a "Party of Ironies". Human Rights Violations, abductions, heinous crimes, blasphemy based killings,... 6/n

minority rights issues, human developement index, inflation, media censorship, unemplyment, foreign relations, pol polarisation, corruption, accountability etc, in term of most of these PTI tenure was no different, while in terms of a few, it was worse, way worse! ... 7/n

With the likes of tried & tested failures, electables, to be more precise "Lotas", psuedo intellectuals, fake economists, big mouthed douchebags and "prhe likhe juhala" in PTI leadership, for those who think PTI will bring change if it gets another chance is cute.... 8/n

While those who have their eyes opened, are politically mature, and aware of dynamics of Pakistan's political hostory, they would know that "PTI is cut from the same cloth". And Imran Khan is no different from his political adversaries,... 9/n

except that he is more handsome, charismatic, wears shalwar kamiz, himself drives state guests to PM house, is the only WC winning Pakistani captain and fluently speaks English. If that is the criteria, congratulations, you have your PM!!! 10/10

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