「 Queenhy 」 #1 silf simp

「 Queenhy 」 #1 silf simp



SakuAtsu, side SunaOsa "Stop it, 'Tsumu." Osamu hisses, watching his twin latch onto Aran dramatically and loudly whining about his sad love life. He even managed to fake some tears and sniff in a volume that had most of Onigiri Miya's customers leave the shop in a hurry.

Atsumu cried, "Yer heartless. Here I am baring my broken heart to you and all ya care about is yer business!" "You are just dramatic, yer heart is not broken." Luckily for Atsumu, not only was Aran here but also Kita.

Osamu wouldn't dare throw a fit in front of him, never mind that Atsumu was literally doing that right at this second. "But 'Samuuuu" There he went again, wailing, "I sent Omi three outfits to pick, and his answer was merely a thumbs up, a sparkle emoji, and a number."

He pulled out his phone to show it to anyone who was standing nearby. Osamu squinted at the screen, which was full of Atsumu's rambling, random questions, a bunch of memes, and the occasional selfie. "Now wait a minute."

He snatched the phone out of Atsumu's hands who immediately protested, "Hey, ever heard of privacy?!" "Ya just flaunted your conversation with Sakusa in front of everyone, what privacy are ya talking about?"

His twin was right, though, to any of Atsumu's messages Sakusa almost always replied with a bunch of emojis or at most with short sentences. What made him more suspicious, however, was the timing. "I need to check something, I'll be right back."

He went to his back office to facetime Suna, who couldn't make it to the unofficial monthly Inarizaki meetup because of an upcoming game. "Hi to the apple of my eye, love of my life, mister onigiri man." Osamu blushed and rolled his eyes at his boyfriend's ridiculous greeting.

"Rin, I need ya to check something for me. Remember that time ya told me about Kiyoomi's weird texting behavior?" "Yeah, hold on." Some rustling on the other side was heard before Suna's distant voice echoed through the speaker.

"Hey Motoya, 'Samu wants to get to know your cousin." That sounded totally wrong and Osamu squeaked, "Not like that, Rin what the fuck?" Suna and Motoya were menaces and the fact that both of them were on the same team? Osamu was actually worried about EJPs mental state.

"It's alright Osamu, I know exactly what your intentions are." Komori showed up on the screen, grinning. "So what is it, that you want to know about my dear cousin?" Suna piped in, "It's about his texting behavior."

Komori made a suspicious sound, before answering, "I really can't say much but since he joined the Jackals, he sprints to his phone whenever there is a notification. One time he even dived for it, when it pinged multiple times. We were at dinner with his parents at that time."

"Must be very intriguing messages, he's getting there," Suna concluded while Osamu thought that the puzzle pieces were slowly making up a picture. He wasn't sure if he liked it or not. "I'm curious who the sender of these messages is, any idea?" Komori shook his head.

Then he added, "It's honestly even more strange that Kiyo has his sound on. For as long as I have known him, his phone has always been on silent mode." Interesting, Osamu thought. "Well, thank you guys, I have to get back to the shop now. Talk to ya later, Rin. Love ya!"

Suna blew him a kiss and he ended the call. He scrolled down his list of contacts, perhaps his suspicions were right. Typing a quick message, he hit send and returned to the front of his shop where Atsumu was still going on about his tragic single life.

"And once, he told me how handsome he thinks 'Samu is. The audacity?" "You do know, that you have the same face, right?" Kita said with the patience of a saint. "Yes, I told him that. I'm not an idiot, Kita-san!" Aran coughed and it sounded like "Could've fooled me there."

Atsumu huffed, "Anyways, he just agreed and then went on as if nothing happened." He crossed his arms. "I didn't talk to him for the rest of the day, I don't think he even noticed it." "Giving someone the silent treatment isn't nice, Atsumu." Kita gave him a disappointed look.

It made Osamu shiver and he wasn't even the one it was directed at. "You should've told him what bothered you." "But Kita-san, I can't possibly tell him that. Then I would have to confess my feelings for him." Now Atsumu was pouting and Osamu had enough.

He checked his phone but there was no reply to his message, although the blue checkmarks clearly indicated that it has been read. "Tsumu do me a favor and text Sakusa right now." "Wha-? Why should I do that?" "Just trust me, and do it." He emphasized, "N o w."

Atsumu grumbled but complied either way. "There, are ya happy now?" He thrust his phone into his brother's face. "Hey." Osamu read out loud. "Really? That's all ya came up with?" "Ya put me under pressure and ya didn't even say what it's for." Atsumu tried to defend himself.

"Not like his answer will be more elaborate, anyway." Atsumu was pouting again and Osamu watched him empty the plate of Onigiri all by himself. The Onigiris he had prepared for everyone. "Leave some for Kita-san and Aran-kun, you glutton." "It's okay Osamu, we are full.

Your Onigiris were wonderful and delicious, like always." Kita assured him which made Osamu beam at his praise. Atsumu with his mouth, still stuffed, tried to say something but quickly got distracted by three consecutive pings of his phone.

Since he didn't even try to hide his screen this time, Osamu had a first-row seat to Sakusa's panicking. "What's wrong?" "Miya." "Are you ok?" Then his phone started to ring. Atsumu furrowed his brows, muttering, "Now he wants to know if I'm ok when he didn't care before."

Aran sighed exasperatedly, "It's because you send him »Hey» with a period. You know what this means, don't you?" Not for the first time, Osamu wondered what he did in his past life to have Atsumu as his twin brother. "It's a simple greeting, what are ya on about?"

It was surprisingly Kita who clarified, "Atsumu, you make it seem like you want to have a serious talk with him. That's what it implies." "Oh." "Yes, /oh/." Osamu couldn't help but mock him. "Ya better go to his place and talk about this." He gestured vaguely.

Atsumu was an idiot but he was also his twin. "If he rejects ya, ya can come back to continue sulking." - - - - - - - - "Hey, Omi!" Atsumu knocked at Kiyoomi's dorm room and found it unlocked when the door just gave in. It seemed like Sakusa had forgotten to close it properly.

He slowly moved inside and witnessed Sakusa pacing back and forth across the room. "Motoya, stop laughing, it's not funny!" He seethed. "What if he hates me again? Oh my god, what if he found out about my feelings and is uncomfortable about it."

Sakusa didn't pause to give Komori a chance to speak, he simply kept on talking. Sakusa Kiyoomi, rambling. Atsumu pinched himself to see if he was dreaming. "I don't know, he left me on read for an hour now. That never happened before, do you think I should text again?"

Komori said something but Atsumu couldn't hear it over the sound of something clattering. Sakusa cursed, "Fuck- Hold on." Then he turned around and did a double take when his eyes landed on Atsumu. He quickly ended the call. "I have to go. I'll call you back, Motoya."

He opened his mouth and then closed it again. Atsumu's eyes widened, he didn't think he had ever seen Sakusa so distraught. Usually, he was very well put together, so this side of Sakusa was new to him. "Hi Omi, I knocked at yer door but ya didn't answer and it was unlocked so-"

He wasn't sure what he wanted to say, now that Sakusa was right in front of him. Sakusa kept staring at him so Atsumu decided to just keep the conversation going. "Ya know, if ya don't want me to bug ya I'll stop. Actually, I should've gotten the hint.

Yer replies to my messages weren't exactly subtle." Now he was rambling and Sakusa still hasn't uttered a word. Instead, he looked confused. "Miya, what gave you that idea? I don't want you to stop texting me. If you annoyed me I wouldn't respond to your texts at all."

"Well, then explain it to me. Ya react to my messages within seconds but never use any words, unless necessary. That's not really fueling a conversation, Omi." "I saw you liked a tweet that said and I quote « 'u reply fast' BRO IM IN LOVE WITH YOU»," Sakusa confessed.

If Atsumu had paid attention then he would have seen how the tips of his ears flushed pink, but instead, he shrieked, "You look through my liked tweets?!" He pinched the bridge of his nose, "Yes, Miya. I did. And since I figured that's how you would like

for someone to reciprocate your feelings, I thought I'd try it." Atsumu looked bewildered for a second. "Omi I like hundreds of tweets per day, and I'm positive I forget about half of those again the next day." He paused, then "And that still doesn't explain yer lack of words."

"It's not very easy for me to find the right words so quickly. Especially under pressure. I like to be direct and blunt." Then he paused and fiddled with the hem of his shirt. "You know what happened last time when I tried to compliment you."

"Ya gotta help me here, Omi. I can't even remember a time when you said something nice to me?" "You really don't? I told you that you're handsome, a few weeks ago when we all went out for dinner." Suddenly it clicked.

"Ya didn't tell /me/ that I'm handsome, ya complimented my brother who wasn't even there." Sakusa looked tired. "You both have the same faces!" "I know that, but if ya wanted to tell me I'm handsome just do it without using him as some type of secret code."

Sakusa pouted. That pout had no business looking so cute on a 1,92m tall, grown man. "You also reposted in your Instagram Stories something about how you like to get compliments. And I wanted to be more subtle." Now it was Atsumu's turn to blush.

"So ya stalked my Instagram, too?" Atsumu looked scandalized. "If that's what you want to call it, then yes I /stalked/ your social media, Miya." "Who does that? And why?" "That's what everyone does who has a crush. I learned it from my sisters in high school."

"Omi," Atsumu started with a grin, "We are not in high school anymore. And does that mean you have a crush on me?" "That's the understatement of the century, I don't have a crush on you. I am in love with you, the most oblivious idiot on this planet." He rolled his eyes, fondly.

Atsumu simply laughed and pulled him into his arms. "I don't care because I win, yer heart and everything. And just for the record, I'm yours, if you want me." "Of course I want you." He was about to kiss Atsumu when the other turned his head so his lips landed on his cheek.

"Someone didn't pay attention, because I'm sure I have liked about 10 tweets which state how much I love to be romanced. So~" Sakusa sighed, Miya Atsumu would be the death of him, but he didn't want it any other way. "Whatever you want."

"Great, take me on a date then, are ya free on Saturday?" "I'll pick you up at 7." "Perfect." ______________ the end.

This is the tweet in question:

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