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The bond between Hoseok and Jimin is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have - a heartening jihope thread ?

Starting the thread with hobi backhugging Jimin and made him sit on his lap and he found Jimin came to him during his live

When Jimin came all the way to remove insect from hobi's room. Look how hobi was impressed by him ?

Hobi carrying his big baby on his back ಠ_ಠ

When Hoseok gifted Jimin "Promise's Single CD" And mentioned that it has photos too which has their memories

A big warm jihope cuddle is all you need to make your day

Therapy expensive: Jihope laughing together free and effective

jimin moving towards hobi in the cutest way possible

Hobi patting Jimin’s head and calling him a good boy makes me mushy

jimin whining cutely and convincing us that tho his hoseok hyung scolds him but he's not a dirty boy

Look how fondly hobi is looking at jimin when he's playing with his phone ?

This compilation of Jihope massaging each other ?

Look how hobi embraced Jimin in his jacket to protect him from cold. I'm crying here ?

Remember when jimin wrote a heartwarming letter to hope in bon voyage

I live here dude ?

When I say jihope being the biggest flirt I mean it

when are they going to finally kiss huh?

Jihope feeding each other so adorable:(

Look at them checking out each other

Ending the thread with the compilation of peak Jihope moments to make you feel lively

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Stay alive x yoongi's birthday goals playlist: Yoongi b'day goals

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