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Meet the man who got you hooked on porn. He changed the law on obscenity and supercharged porn's destruction. How Al Goldstein mainstreamed hardcore pornography. 🟥 THREAD

Born to Jewish parents in Brooklyn, New York City. Goldstein was an awkward child and frequently bullied. He blamed his weak father for the way he was.

Goldstein wasn't a covert top-down guy. He wasn't an obscure subverter. He was a raunchy, public enemy of Christian culture.

When asked if he believed in God his answer was: 🟥 ''I believe in me. I'm God. Screw God.''

Goldstein published Screw magazine in 1968 to demystify sex. A pornographic newspaper that got Goldstein arrested 19 times on obscenity charges.

With Screw he tried to validate masturbators and uncover the entire world of sex, including homosexuality. In Goldstein's words: “I felt I was the headlight into the fog of Puritanism.”

Screw existed to meet demand, pure business. Unlike the subtlety of Hollywood´s sexual subversion, Al wanted to obliterate the puritanical view on sex. He truly believed he did a good thing by normalizing sexuality.

Something that reflected his sexual appetites was also a big factor for Screw's foundation. Projecting filth inevitably means desiring validation. 🟥 Goldstein: ''I started Screw to validate myself but when the paper sold I realized there were others just like me''

This is consistent with a thread I wrote earlier. Replacing Christian morals with carnal pleasures. Read this:

🟥 A quote by Goldstein to backup the previous tweet: ''Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream''

The unsophisticated way to subvert generations of men proved to be effective. Fellow cultural subverters hail Goldstein as a hero for his methods.

1974 was a major turning point for the porn business. Goldstein was victorious when a federal judge threw out an obscenity case against him.

It´s a crucial moment in history because the government´s will to prosecute such cases died out. 🟥 Thus the beginning of mainstreaming porn on: TV Magazines Movies And high-speed internet pornography The scourge we're still dealing with now.

The weaponization of porn was inevitable either way. But thanks to Goldstein, the adult film industry was validated due to his review of Deep Throat.

As porn took the internet by storm, Goldstein was left behind. His magazine ceased to be state-of-the-art pornography.

Larry Flynt of Hustler magazine stole Screw's format and created a national publication. Something Al failed to do. But it doesn't matter, subverting the culture is more important than enriching oneself.

Goldstein lost his millions and properties. Took minimum wage jobs, became homeless and eventually died in a nursing home in Brooklyn. He may have died broke and forgotten. But his legacy of validating porn addicts lives on.

🟥 If you're struggling with porn, remember: It's made by deranged, anti-God, anti-Christian people who siphon your energy. Spiritual warfare is real.

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