Sandra || mostly ia

Sandra || mostly ia



@bottsumuweek #bottsumuweek2022 | Day 8: Double Penetration #sakuatsusuna #nsfw | ass slapping, light degradation, butt plug

"Go on baby. Show Rin here what you can do." Kiyoomi encouraged his boyfriend. Atsumu hadn't expected to spend his night like this. Naked; with his lover and his best friend.

It all started with Atsumu getting caught watching porn. Specificially of threesomes and to be even more specific, threesomes that involved one of the men having two dicks in his ass at the same time.

Instead of Kiyoomi getting turned off, he decided to indulge the blonde in his desires. Asking him who he wanted with them in the bedroom. Needless to say, Atsumu woke up very sore the next day.

Which is why Suna was currently in their bedroom. Naked and smirking at Atsumu. When Kiyoomi had approached him and told him about his offer, Suna was hesitant at first to accept.

But he wasn't going to lie, Atsumu is a very attractive man and he had thought about him once or twice when he was pleasing himself. After a very thorough thinking, he accepted Kiyoomi's offer.

Which is why Atsumu was now on his knees, looking up at both men. He wrapped his fingers around the base of Suna's cock and slowly took it in his mouth. He kept eye contact with Suna as he slowly bobbed his head up and down over his cock.

A hand makes it's way to Atsumu's hair, gently caressing it as he sucked. Atsumu moaned in appreciation. He withdrew from Suna and started sucking Kiyoomi off. His ass resting on the floor; his cheeks parted with a butt plug.

When both men decided they had enough of Atsumu sucking, they motioned for Atsumu to follow them to the bed. Kiyoomi rests on the bed, coaxing Atsumu to get on top of him while Suna gets behind him.

Suna grabbed the plug, slowly pulling it out of Atsumu, watching how his hole clenched around nothing. Both men put a generous helping of lube on their cocks before positioning it. Kiyoomi pushed in first.

He groaned, loving the way Atsumu was practically clenching onto his cock. "Fuck you're so tight baby." He moaned out as he gave a few experimental thrusts.

Atsumu instantly moaned as he felt Kiyoomi thrust into him. "Please Rin, I need yer cock too." He begged as he arched his back, sticking out his pert ass. Suna chuckled and smacked his ass with his hand, watching it turn slightly pink.

"My baby is needy isn't he, Rin? Such a whore needing two cocks to fill him up." Kiyoomi said, giving his other ass cheek a hard smack as well. Atsumu could only close his eyes and moan from their actions.

Soon Atsumu felt the tip of Suna's cock pressing into his already stretched hole. He whimpered and held onto Kiyoomi as he felt Suna entering him slowly, stretching him out even further.

Atsumu moaned loudly, feeling so full. "H-hah Rin! Omi! Feels so good~" He said, trying to move his hips to make the two men move. "You ready 'Tsumu?" Suna asked. Atsumu barely started speaking when he felt the two men pull out until just their tips remained.

They then both slammed in simultaneously causing Atsumu to nearly scream. Both men were relentless as they kept pounding inside Atsumu over and over again. Atsumu was helpless and could only rut his dick against Kiyoomi's stomach.

"Please I'm so close! Fill me up." Atsumu begged after awhile. He just needed a bit more to take him off the edge. Suddenly, both men changed their angles causing the tip of their cocks to rub along Atsumu's sweet spot.

That was all Atsumu needed apparently because he suddenly seized up and came all over his and Kiyoomi's stomachs. Kiyoomi reached his own orgasm soon after, filling Atsumu's hole with his load.

Suna came pretty soon after, his cock painting the insides of Atsumu white. They both slowly pulled out of Atsumu, Suna instantly grabbing his phone to take a few pictures of Atsumu's gaping hole which was leaking cum.

"Let's do this again some time." He said as he finished taking pictures. He smirked at Kiyoomi. "I'll send you the pictures later." Suna said as he hopped off the bed.

"Fuck ya Rin." Atsumu said tiredly. Suna chuckled. "But it was me who fucked you." He merely said, smirking as he headed to the bathroom to clean up. //fin

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