#sakuatsu // nsfw, pierced kiyoomi for someone who’s been raised to act a certain way, kiyoomi is awfully fond of manspreading, be it on the bench during practice, the team bus, the dorms or in fan events. it drives their fans wild, along with atsumu.

on normal days, kiyoomi’s usual get up is a comfortable shirt and a pair of sweatpants. truly, sweatpants are comfortable to wear, but its downside comes in the form of one’s dick being imprinted on the fabric. although for atsumu, it clearly has its merits.

“stop staring at my dick, miya.” kiyoomi says, not even bothering to look up from his book. atsumu immediately flicks his eyes away from his crotch, embarrassed to be caught red-handed. “i-i wasn’t!” “sure.” kiyoomi spreads his legs even more and flips onto the next page.

he’s definitely doing it on purpose. it took a while for atsumu to register the fact that kiyoomi is, indeed, hot. consistently placing 1st in popularity polls as hottest msby player, atsumu was bitter for only being 2nd place. “who didja vote?” he remembers asking osamu once.

“sakusa, of course.” came osamu’s quick reply. “blood traitor!” atsumu screeched. since then, atsumu has been dead set in looking for reasons why kiyoomi is hotter than him, only for him to end up thirsting over the man with a broad back, lean torso and a seemingly big dick.

it’s maddening. atsumu wants, /needs to/ know if kiyoomi is truly as hot as he seems. he must have been staring back down on kiyoomi’s lower body for too long because kiyoomi glances at him before patting his lap. is this really happening?

“do what you want.” kiyoomi says as soon as atsumu was close enough. slowly sliding down on his knees, atsumu settles in between kiyoomi’s legs and peers up at him, who’s still engrossed with reading his boring book about negotiating. others would die to have atsumu like this.

with a huff, atsumu experimentally palms at kiyoomi’s crotch, who doesn’t show much of a reaction aside from adjusting on his seat. what exactly does atsumu want? can he just take kiyoomi’s dick out and check, then go? he considers the latter, tugging down on kiyoomi’s bottom.

kiyoomi raises his hip slightly to assist atsumu, smirking when he hears a gasp. as if he couldn’t get any hotter, kiyoomi had a prince albert piercing on his dick. atsumu traces the piece of metal with his index finger lightly. “did it hurt?”

“nope.” kiyoomi replies, hissing when atsumu’s warm hand wraps around his flaccid dick firmly to stroke him into full hardness. “healed quickly too.” “fuck.” atsumu almost drools at the sight of how big kiyoomi truly is, tongue poking out to lick across the pierced area.

finally placing the book away, kiyoomi grips onto atsumu’s locks. “open.” atsumu obliges, willing himself to relax as kiyoomi shoves his head down to take him in, groaning at the warmth of atsumu’s mouth.

“look at you,” kiyoomi grins maniacally as he abruptly thrusts up, hitting the back of atsumu’s throat and atsumu gags. “you’ve been wanting this for so long, huh?” atsumu feels tears well up in his eyes as kiyoomi continues to fuck up to him and nods. “fucking slut.”

the feeling of metal gliding against the back of his throat was insanely delicious; paired with the harsh tugs on his hair and the loud grunts from kiyoomi, atsumu pulls away to whine as he cums in his shorts. kiyoomi keeps ahold of atsumu’s head, but more gently.

“ah.” kiyoomi pokes his tongue out slightly, pumping his cock to his climax. atsumu gets the messages and lolls this tongue out, eyes shut in anticipation. “perfect.” kiyoomi rests the head of his cock and slides the piercing against the tip of atsumu’s tongue before coming.

atsumu doesn’t let any drop go to waste. no wonder kiyoomi’s been eating pineapples a lot lately. it should be disgusting to swallow someone’s cum, but kiyoomi tasted just like pineapples. atsumu wants more.

he climbs onto kiyoomi’s lap who looks at him in amusement, resting a hand on the small of his back. atsumu leans down to mouth along kiyoomi’s neck before nibbling on his ear and whispering, “round 2?” kiyoomi responds by gripping his thighs to hoist him up. “bedroom.”

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