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50 HTML Interview Questions for Front-end Developers - A thread 🧵👇

1) What is HTML? 2) What are HTML tags? 3) Do all HTML tags have an end tag? 4) What is formatting in HTML? 5) How many types of heading does HTML contain?

6) Which HTML tag is used to display the data in the tabular form? 7) How to create a hyperlink in HTML5? 8) What are some common lists that are used when designing a page? 9) What is the difference between HTML elements and tags? 10) What is semantic HTML?

11) What is an image map? 12) How to insert a copyright symbol on a browser page? 13) How to create a nested webpage in HTML5? 14) How do you keep list elements straight in an HTML file? 15) Does a hyperlink only apply to text?

16) What is a style sheet? 17) Can you create a multi-colored text on a web page? 18) Is it possible to change the color of the bullet? 19) Explain the layout of HTML? 20) What is a marquee?

21) How many tags can be used to separate a section of texts? 22) How to make a picture of a background image of a web page? 23) What are empty elements? 24) What is the use of a span tag? Give one example. 25) What is the use of an iframe tag?

26) What are the entities in HTML? 27) Why is a URL encoded in HTML? 28) Is <!DOCTYPE html> tag an HTML tag? 29) What is the canvas element in HTML5? 30) What is SVG?

31) What are the different new form element types in HTML5? 32) Is there any need to change the web browsers to support HTML5? 33) Which type of video formats are supported by HTML5? 34) Is audio tag supported in HTML5? 35) What is the difference between progress and meter tag?

36) What is the use of figure tag in HTML5? 37) What is the use of figcaption tag in HTML5? 38) What is button tag? 39) What is the use of details and summary tag? 40) What is datalist tag?

41) How are tags migrated from HTML4 to HTML5? 42) If I do not put <!DOCTYPE html> will HTML5 work? 43) What is the use of the required attribute in HTML5? 44) What are the new <input> types for form validation in HTML5? 45) What is the difference between HTML and HTML5?

46) What tag do you use to embed CSS to your HTML file? 47) What tag do you use to embed JavaScript to your HTML file? 48) What tag do you use to embed PHP to your HTML file? 49) Can you give some examples of semantic tags? 50) Is HTML a programming language?

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