Tics n Tatts

Tics n Tatts



Things I’ve realised since I learned I’m #autistic: 1. The reason I’ve never liked leaving the house without headphones is because of sensory overwhelm. 2. The reason I don’t make much eye contact is because I physically struggle to do it while I talk. #ActuallyAutistic

3. I twiddle my fingers and this is stimming. 4. Me eating the same foods everyday is a sensory thing. 5. When I become overwhelmed and stressed and can’t communicate I’m experiencing shut down.

6. When I’m experiencing severe and prolonged discomfort, anxiety, and distress I can’t mask or suppress my tics anymore and can experience emotional overwhelm. 7. Why I don’t take many breaks when I work is because I hyper-focus and struggle changing to another work task.

8. The reasons I’ve always loved gaming is because it helps with emotional, cognitive, and sensory overwhelm by allowing me to self-regulate. 9. I’m not broken or crazy (as I was made to feel in my past). My needs just weren’t recognised, met, or supported.

I’m still learning more about my autistic identity everyday, which has been healing and validating for a range of reasons. But for the most part, I no longer blame myself, thinking I’m inherently flawed, or feel shame for being different anymore. 💛

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