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Google Ads 101. If you want to max out your ROAS you need to have your landing page dialed in. Here's 10 landing page hacks that will 2x your conversion rates and ½ your CPA’s overnight. ?

1. Multiple Landing Pages Audiences will be at different levels of awareness when they click on your ads. Building multiple landing pages for each stage of the buyer journey will lower your CPA’s and make every customer feel like you are talking directly to them.

Example: Unaware:: Fill the landing page with more information about their problem and how you can solve it Product Aware: Load this with more social proof and customer transformations.

2. Heat Mapping Apps You can install these on your shopify store to see what sections of your landing page customers are clicking off at. Identify the “hottest” areas and keep reiterating them till their stone cold.

3. UX Customers should be able to breeze through your site and find exactly what they're looking for in a few clicks or less. Make sure to organize your: → Category Pages. → Clear navigation bar. → TOS & Privacy Policy on the footer. Make everything crystal clear.

4. Optimize for mobile. 61% of Google Ads clicks come from mobile, if you’re not mobile optimized you’re making it harder for the majority of your traffic to buy. Make sure every web page is locked in for mobile for a smooth user experience.

5. Subscribe & Save Bundles If your product is a consumable, this is a great way to increase your LTV from the get-go. Customers will feel like they’re getting a bargain and it makes it 10x more convenient for them rather than re-ordering everytime they run out.

6. Loaded Social Proof. Humans are social creatures, the more people we see enjoying a product the more desire we’ll have to buy it. Make sure your product pages have: → Video reviews → Written reviews → Customer UGC → Star rating directly under the product

7. Clear Copy & Product Images. This sounds obvious but 90% of landing pages get it wrong. They load up bunch of white-background product images with some basic benefits listed and call it a day. You need to sell customers their dream outcome.

Whatever you can do to tap into a customers emotions and show the what they're missing out on, do it. → Show Images of the product in action. → Dig deep into their pain points with your copy. → Sell the lifestyle transformation, not the benefits.

8. Comparisons There’s always going to be competitors and copycats, show your customers what you have that they don’t. Skincare Brand Example:

Competitors: ❌ Animal tested and contains pre-manufactured chemicals. Us: ✅Cruelty free with 100% organic ingredients.

9. Multiple CTA’s You never know what piece of information is going to trigger that impulse buy. Give your customers as many possible opportunities to buy as you can, have a CTA below every section of information and social proof.

10. The Power of Free People love free stuff, even if it means they have to pay for something else to get it. → Free Bundles → Free E-Books → Free Shipping Give them some sort complimentary value when they order.

Quick Summary (1/2): 1. Multiple Landing Pages 2. Heat Mapping Apps 3. UX 4. Optimize for mobile. 5. Subscribe & Save Bundles 6. Loaded Social Proof. 7. Clear Copy & Product Images.

8. Comparisons 9. Multiple CTA’s 10. The Power of Free Dial in all 10 of these to optimize your landing page for google ads.

Want to play google ads on cheat mode? Book in a call with me and I’ll run up your ecom brand on a 100% performance basis.

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