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Everyone wants a 6-pack. But most people have no idea how to start building their core. Here is a 7-exercise routine you can do to start building your 6-pack in just 7-minutes a day:

The plan is simple... Set aside 7-minutes every day to knock out this quick routine. You can do it from work, home, or literally, anywhere there is a flat surface. That's all it will take to start building your 6-pack abs. Let's go:

1. Heel taps Time: 30 seconds Muscle focus: Obliques Keep your upper back off the floor and squeeze your ab muscles. Rest: 30 seconds

2. Reaching oblique crunches Time: 30 seconds Muscle focus: Obliques Use your arm to reach across your body to the opposite heel. Focus on squeezing the core through the movement. Rest: 30 seconds

3. Slide-up crunches Time: 30 seconds Muscle Focus: Upper abs The goal is to crunch in with your abs to slightly get your back off the ground. Rest: 30 seconds

4. Single-leg raises Time: 30 seconds Muscle focus: Lower abs, Hip flexors Keep your palms flat at your side in order to ensure you stay stable. Focus on keeping the stationary leg high when extending the opposite leg. Rest: 30 seconds

5. Reach through crunches Time: 30 seconds Muscle Focus: Upper abs, Lower abs Aim to contract your ab muscles to full flexion. Reach as far as you can through your thighs. Rest: 30 seconds

6. toe reaches Time: 30 seconds Muscle Focus: Upper Abs Using your abs, reach as far as you can to try to touch your toes then relax. Rest: 30 seconds

7. The time stopper - also known as planks. Time: 30 seconds Do this for 30 seconds at the end of the workout. It might feel like 30 days. Rest: 30 seconds

Now that you have the workout, understand that this is just a stepping stone to 6-pack abs... Abs are built in the gym and revealed in the kitchen. For men below 15% body fat For women below 25% Nutrition is the key player in that.

If you want to take it a step further, I'm going to gift you my Lean God Bible (FREE) which will teach you how to achieve fat loss forever in 5 simple steps.

That's a wrap, I hope you learned something from this thread. If so, RT the tweet below to share this thread with others And follow me @WarrenEnglish_ for more content on 1. Health 2. Fat loss 3. Muscle gain 4. Living with confidence

P.S. I'm helping 2 more people build muscle and drop 15+ lbs of fat for 2023: If you have 3 hours a week to spare, this is for you. DM me β€œREADY” and I’ll get you the details (Not free. I work 1-1 with you for 90 days. Results guaranteed)

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